Letters that can be played with, touched, and formed into words are a wonderful learning tool for children.  Even the youngest toddlers benefit from being able to see and feel a letter in 3D.  As someone who caught on more quickly in a hands-on learning fashion growing up, I enjoy having tools such as these foam magnetic learning letters from Learning Resources to teach my daughter her letters.

This set is particularly nice in that each piece is made of a smooth, bendable, durable foam.  They come in a plastic bucket and contain two sets each of both the uppercase and lowercase alphabet.

Cool feature: The vowels are red and the consonants blue!

Preschool Learning Game (Learning to recognize uppercase and lowercase letters.)

For this game, use a cookie sheet, the refrigerator, or a magnetic easel.
1.  Place all of the uppercase alphabet in rows with gaps between each letter.
2.  Ask child to find the lowercase letters that correspond to each uppercase letter and place them in the gap.
Ex.  Aa Bb Cc Dd
(And you can do it the other way around so they can search for corresponding uppercase letters, too.)

I think free play is just as important as having an organized time in which you teach (especially at this age), so I let Emma play with these as often as she wants to.  She loves it!

These pieces have held up well over the month or so we’ve had them so far but be warned that if your child likes to chew on things it will leave a mark!

I’m very pleased with the quality and appreciate the fact that there are so many letters included in this set.  We can make up several words without running into the problem of not having the right letters for the word.  This set can be purchased at Learning Resources for $22.99.  You can also find it at Amazon.com.


I really think this Magnetic Pocket Chart Tabletop Easel would go well with the alphabet set!

Want It?

You can buy the Magnetic Learning Letters for $22.99 at Learning Resources.

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I received the Magnetic Alphabet Set courtesy of Learning Resources so that I could share our thoughts and experiences with it.  This post is 100% my own opinion, thoughts, and experiences, and was not edited or reviewed by anyone.  I do not feel obligated to write a positive review – I’ll always share my honest thoughts on products!  :)


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