If you’re looking for creative ways to teach your child to read, you’ll want to check out Learning Resources’ POP games – there are games for learning sight words, word families, blends, and more!  The games we will be talking about in this post are the POP for Sight Words and POP for Sight Words 2 games.

About the POP for Sight Words Games:

  • Each game includes 100 popcorn-shaped cards – 92 sight words and 8 “POP” cards
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
  • For 2-4 players
  • Priced at $9.99

POP For Sight Words Review

 How We Played:

You can probably tell from the delighted expressions in the photos above that this game was an instant hit with Emma (5).  She has been learning to read but her attention span when it came to sounding out words had been lacking a bit.  POP for Sight Words was just what we needed to freshen things up.  The first time we played, she read over 57 sight words – those were the ones she read correctly!  And yes, they’re all different.  :)  To be honest, I couldn’t believe she didn’t tire of reading them… she actually asked to play again when we finished!  Amazed momma here.  Some kids just thrive through gameplay learning!

Since it’s meant to be played with 2-4 players and I knew all the words already (a fact that awed Emma deeply), we had to get creative in how we played with this set, but that’s one of the cool things about it – you can use the pieces so many ways!  To start with, we just pulled the popcorn out and Emma attempted to read them.  If she couldn’t read them, they went into an “unpopped” pile.  If she read them successfully she got to keep them.  If she got a “POP!” card,we had the option to put all of her pieces back and start over (sometimes we did this, sometimes we didn’t) .  When we had gone through all of the popcorn, we counted both piles to see which had more.  She loved this!

Other ways you can use POP for Sight Words:
  • Get a sheet of paper and pencil.  When the child picks a popcorn piece, have him/her look at the card and read the word, then place the card face down and try to write the word from memory.
  • Play Sight Word Bingo – use a free printable like this one (or make your own) and use the popcorn sight words as chips.
  • Make a sight word matching game like the one below (I just traced the popcorn pieces and wrote the words on the paper).


  • When a player picks a popcorn piece, have him/her say a sentence with the sight word in it.

Final Thoughts:

We enjoyed this so much that when POP for Word Families went on sale (for less than $6 shipped!) on Amazon, I bought it immediately.  We played that yesterday for the first time and I liked it just as much as I did this one.  These are great games!

I believe that young children Emma’s age (4-5) who are just beginning to feel ready for school and learning (but not at the intensity older children are ready for) learn best through games and hands-on play.  This definitely fit that bill for us – learning games are awesome!  Yes, POP for Sight Words is simple when it comes to rules and pieces, but I think that’s a positive.  Someone in a review said that you could make and print something similar but honestly, by the time you printed it all, cut out all the words (ouch), and laminated them you would not be saving any money – and it wouldn’t last forever or be nice to play with like the game is.  The pieces are made of a material that is thick and easy to handle and the popcorn carton is sturdy and well-made.  Worth buying in my opinion.

  • POP for Sight Words has a mix of easier/intermediate level 1 words like “in”, “little”, “find”.
  • POP for Sight Words 2 has more difficult sight words as seen below:prod8630_dt

Want It?

You can purchase POP for Sight Words and POP for Sight Words 2 separately or in a 2-pack game bundle at Learning Resources or Amazon.  They retail for $9.99 each.

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Disclosure:  My thanks to Learning Resources for providing the prizing for this giveaway and for sending me the bundle above so that I could share my thoughts and experiences with my readers!  The opinions I have given are 100% mine based on my experiences.  My amazon affiliate link is embedded in this post.


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