Tonight BBC’s Little Dorrit (based on the book by Charles Dickens) airs on PBS (Masterpiece Theatre). It will be airing in five parts – if you miss any, you will be able to watch it online beginning March 30. I am extremely excited! I’ve never read the book, but might have to after seeing the movie. It would have been nice to have read it before, actually – I generally like to read the books before watching movies based on books – but judging from the previews, Little Dorrit looks like it will be a winner. Plus, it has been adapted by Andrew Davies who did Pride and Prejudice and Bleak House, two superb films, so I doubt this can go wrong. Yes, I have great expectations (and no, that was not a purposeful play on words, lol).


“Amy Dorrit’s (Claire Foy) gentle spirit has never been dampened by the confining walls of the Marshalsea Prison she’s lived in her whole life. Despite the dark shadow of debtor’s prison, Amy lovingly cares for her father William Dorrit (Tom Courtenay), the longest serving inmate. A possibly redemptive light unexpectedly shines in the form of Arthur Clennam (Matthew Macfadyen), who has been left with the intriguing threads of a mystery after his father’s death — threads that will intertwine his family and fate with the Dorrits. Clennam’s exhaustive search for answers involves murder, fortunes gained and lost, the upper echelons and lowest dregs of society, and most surprising of all, a tender romance.”

Main Characters:

Amy (Little) Dorrit is played by Claire Foy, someone I hadn’t heard of before now. Apparently this is her first big part but she will also be seen in Season of the Witch alongside Nicholas Cage in 2010.

From Masterpiece Classic:

“Claire Foy was cast as Amy Dorrit after four auditions, but according to published reports, she remained convinced until the last moment that producers would turn around and say they had made a mistake. Foy had only one other job since leaving the Oxford School of Drama in 2007 before being cast in Little Dorrit. Foy says there is more to her character than her timid, quiet exterior. ‘On the inside, she is this wonderfully strong, driven and practical person,’ Foy said.”

Matthew Macfadyen (Yes! Mr. Darcy from the Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley!) plays Arthur Clennam.

From Masterpiece Classic:

“Macfadyen had no hesitation accepting the role of Arthur Clennam. ‘This story really blew my hair back,’ Macfadyen said. ‘Then when the rest of the casting came through, I couldn’t believe my luck. I’ve been in some sexy casts in my time, but nothing quite like this.'”

(Note from me: Wow! I didn’t know he was married to actress Keeley Hawes! I love her in Wives and Daughters, another favorite along with Pride and Prejudice!)

Check out the complete cast of characters – there are many familiar faces among them!

View the trailer below:

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2 Responses to Little Dorrit ♥ Masterpiece Theatre

  • Awesome! I’m watching it tonight, I haven’t read the book. I don’t think, anyway. Maybe thirty years ago, lol. I can’t wait. I definitely will read the book.

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