So nice to have a real episode after last week’s disappointment!

***** This whole post is one big spoiler, so unless you’ve seen this week’s episode, “The Variable”, don’t read further!

We start out with Desmond. I hadn’t realized he had been shot! How did that happen? Poor Penny and little curly-headed boy wait to hear whether he will live or die. And someone shows up… someone unlikely. Someone who says, “It is my fault your husband is in there.”

Daniel Faraday’s mother. So THAT is who she is! That lady is good at being creepy, let me tell you.

Back on the island 30 years earlier, Daniel Faraday shows up (grown-up Daniel). He tells Jack they aren’t supposed to be on the island. Daniel’s mom told Jack to go. “Did she tell you it was your destiny?” “You don’t belong here at all. She was wrong.” Now THAT’S a blow! Makes me wonder – could they really go against their own destinies? It’s hard to tell who is supposed to be where (or when) when it comes to that island.

We see Daniel as a child, playing the piano. He’s obviously very gifted – he can remember how many times the metronome clicked while playing piano (it was over 800). His mother tells him he cannot play piano anymore – there’s not enough time. Time for what? Looks like being gifted is more of a curse…

Back on the island, Jack knocks on Sawyer’s door – Sawyer says he’s busy, can’t talk. “What are you busy with at 6 o’clock in the morning?” Oh nothing, just trying to figure out what to do with the guy who saw him on video tape taking young Ben to the Others. The guy is tied up and locked in a cupboard. Can’t keep him there forever, I suppose. “Phil, Jack. Jack, Phil” (hardy har)

Daniel is on a mission now – he heads down to a work area where Dr. Chang is telling his workers to not drill too far or they will release energy: “If that happens, God help us all.” Cryptic. In a brave or just reckless move, Daniel tells Chang he is from the future and has to stop something from happening. Oh, and that Miles is Chang’s son, much to Miles’ dismay. They get through that with a lot of “Oh, he’s just crazy” talk – Dr. Chang thinks he’s being made fun of because he believes in time travel and mentioned it to his workers.

I want Daniel’s leather journal.

Finally everyone from the future gets together at Sawyer’s and tries to figure out what the next move is. Obviously they can’t stay any longer. So should they commandeer the sub or start all over in the jungle? Oh they both sound so wonderful. We find out one of the “hostiles” is Daniel’s mother. She is the only person on the island who can get them back where they belong, according to Daniel, and he needs to get to her. Sawyer, on the other hand, thinks starting over on the beach is the way to go, and he tries to get Kate to go with them. “Come with us, Freckles.” he pleads. Juliette doesn’t look too happy with that. I don’t blame her – if my husband called an old flame by a special nickname I’d be livid. Juliette gets even another way, though – she turns and gives Jack the code for the fence. Jack and Kate go with Daniel to find the hostiles.

Back to a younger Daniel, in the US. He has a “condition” that affects his memory. Something happened to Teresa, his girlfriend – yikes. He tested something on himself and now his brain is somewhat fried. Widmore wants to send him to the island to do research and be healed (not necessarily in that order, obviously). Widmore gives him an awful lot of attention…

Back to the island, Daniel gets grazed with a bullet getting away from camp. “We can’t be so naive as to think nothing can happen to us.” Yes, this is their present, but the others’ past.

Sawyer and Juliet – their cover is blown. Phil is found in the cupboard.

Daniel finally slows down enough to let Jack and Kate in on what he’s doing. He wants to stop the plane from crashing, stop the whole chain of events. It all started, apparently, with a release of energy – this is what made the plane crash. He plans to detonate a hydrogen bomb. Crazy scientists.

Back in the US, Desmond is fine! He promised Penny he wouldn’t ever leave her, and intends to keep that promise. If only it were always that easy.

I knew it! Daniel is Widmore’s son! So that makes Penny his half-sister/sister… (just stating the obvious)

Back to Dan the crazy scientist. Walking right up to the hostile’s camp. With a gun. “Where is Eloise!?”

Then he is shot. By Eloise. By his own mother, his young mother. He suddenly knows that she knew this would happen the whole time, his whole life. That was the reason she said there was not enough time. Wow.

“Who are you?” (after he’s already dying)

“I’m your son…”

♥ Share Your Thoughts ♥

What shocked you? What did you foresee? (I was shocked at the end, but guessed that Widmore was Daniel’s dad, and right before Daniel said he was wanting to stop the plane from crashing I guessed that, too. I was shocked that Daniel died!)

Do you think it’s possible to thwart your destiny? Do you even believe in destiny?
How do you think Eloise lived with herself after shooting her son – and even went on to send him back to the island though she knew he would die by her own hand? Would it be worth keeping him alive, even if he stayed in that half-fried brain state? (I could not live with myself if I were Eloise – I would have done everything I could to change the future. I would have let him be a normal little boy. Play piano all day long. Eat ice cream. Drink coke. He probably still would have been at the island, but maybe he would have had some fond memories instead of his mother pushing him all his life for THIS. Ugh. If he had to go back to the island, I would have gone back and stopped my younger self. Guess you couldn’t really murder your younger self to save your son, though, could you? That would kill both of you. Supposedly.)

What do you think Daniel will accomplish through his journal, what do you think would have happened if he had NOT gone back to the island?

What do you think of the Sawyer/Juliette Jack/Kate relationships? (I think Sawyer and Juliette seem like the perfect couple – but they’re so non-confrontational! Jack is annoying me. Kate is annoying me. lol)

Can they actually stop the whole chain of events? That would mean they never met each other… sad! Would it be worth changing the past?

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



5 Responses to LOST 100th Episode Recap and Discussion – "The Variable"

  • I’m a totally Lost-a-holic! I kind of figured that Daniel would die when he said to Jack that no is safe and anyone can still die. As far as why Eloise sent him back to the Island knowing she would kill him…I think it’s because she also thinks that time is circular and regardless what happened she would shoot him because she already did back in 1977.
    I think we need Dr. Emmett Brown to sort this mess out! lol

  • I really, really tried to get into Lost. Truly, I did. Maybe I’m too anal-retentive to understand it. I mean, I understand the general premise, but beyond that, the parts I saw didn’t fit together….

  • One hour is just not enough time. This episode was amazing. I am always blown away by the little details. This has got to be one of the most thought out TV shows that I have ever seen. My only complaint is the commercials.

  • This was an awesome episode. I am blown away by the details that never get lost from the very first episode to the present. My only complaint is the commercials. I am looking forward to seeing Sun and Jin reunite and to see the look on Jack’s face when he sees John.

  • I had predicted the Widmore would be Daniel’s father. I was shocked that his mother shot him and it makes me wonder why she pushed him to do everything she did if she knew that would be the outcome. I would have tried to push him the other way!

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