I’m not waiting for Random Tuesday Thoughts to share my random thoughts with you all – I’ve meant to do it twice now and I’ve come to the conclusion that Tuesday is not a good day for expressing my thoughts. Or Monday night. Because I’m still in mourning over the loss of the weekend and Tuesday just happens to be my groggiest day (I don’t know why, it just is).

So, prepare for randomness.

Aren’t you excited???

I know you are or you wouldn’t still be reading. ;-)

♥ Babies. Boy was I missing out before my little girl was born! I had no idea, of course, but it’s true. Why didn’t I start having kids earlier? What a waste of good childbearing years! ;-) Well, I guess I wasn’t married until 21 (the ripe old age of 21…) and then didn’t have my first baby until ten months ago, when I was 25. When I was a kid, I knew – I just KNEW – that I was getting married at 18. Like it’s some kind of magic age. Turn 18 and looooove blossoms. Yeah right. I actually didn’t date much (okay, at all) before I met John, and then THAT was when looooove blossomed. (Am I getting corny?) I wasn’t feeling desperate, though (wait, am I implying I married my hubby out of desperation? Perish the thought! I knew I wanted him and nothing would stop me. ;-). Wait, where was I? Wow, I get off on rabbit trails. Oh yeah, started off with me regaling the joys of motherhood. Well, it is joyful! I love waking up in the morning to my little girl’s sweet smile… and boy I’d better feed her quick before the smile fades and the wails start a-coming! But everything about motherhood is joyful for me. I love it. :-)

♥ You all probably thought I stopped reading. Nope! I’ve just gone from the years (teenage years) when I could devour a huge novel in one night and be looking for more to a time when I can’t foooocus on anything for longer than a pea-picking 5 minutes. It’s sad. I’m sad. But I can’t do much about it – there’s just too much going on around me! I snatch moments as they come available… while the baby is bathing (that lasts a whole two seconds before she nearly drowns herself or sends a wave my way and soaks me and my book), while she’s napping (I fall asleep), after she goes to bed (dude, that’s my blogging time). It’s taking me FOREVER to read novels nowadays!

♥ Did you notice that I changed my blog url? From kindredthought.blogspot.com to kindredspiritreviews.blogspot.com. I just wanted to assure you that I’m not changing anything content-wise, only adding some more fun stuff like giveaways and product reviews. This is still my personal blog, though. :-)

♥ I have spent the last month trying to catch up on LOST episodes – I watched all four seasons online, can you believe that? Okay now I feel totally guilty admitting that after complaining about not being able to read a book, LOL. The truth is that I would turn LOST on during meals or late at night when I could have been reading… but I had temporarily become LOST-addicted. When I finally caught up to this last episode (episode 8), I was SO sad! Then there wasn’t even a new episode on TV, which totally bummed me out. I mean, how thoughtless can these people be? Anyway. I’m all caught up and looking forward to the next episode. :-)


♥ Well, my thoughts are going from random to foggy, think I’m getting tired. Hopefully I can drag my husband away from his Playstation 3 (what a nerd! and I’m not of course…) long enough for us to finish Australia – the movie with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. So far it’s a little confusing but definitely a gorgeous film. I won’t ever have to travel to Australia for real now – I’ve seen it all and it can’t be any better than that! Plus I get to see everything in slow motion (like HORSES – gorgeous!).

Until tomorrow!



9 Responses to LOST, Australia, Babies, Books, and Other Randomness

  • I need to watch Australia! I never get a chance to watch movies anymore but it looks so gorgeous. Thanks for the hint that the movie makes you see all of Australia, I’ve always wanted to go too!

  • Do you know why you can’t concentrate? Because night and day you are subconsciously thinking about caring for and nurturing your child, being tenderhearted, kind and faithful to your husband, and cooking, cleaning, and having a warm, friendly and spiritual atmosphere in your home. Not to mention being a WAHM on top of it all. And just what does it cost financially? A whopping $269,520 to raise one child and according to CNN, if mother’s were paid a salary, they would earn $138,095 for doing 10 different jobs.
    That’s food for thought.

  • I am a Lost freak. If I have ever geeked out it was definitely because of Lost, and well…um…Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :) One more whole week before Lost will be back! Fringe is pretty good too if you haven’t checked it out.

    But what am I thinking? YOU should be reading. LOL No just play with that beauty of yours.

    I have not seen Australia yet. I am kind of torn. I don’t do well with epics unless I am at the theater. If I am at home…I get sleepy. I do love Hugh Jackman though. That is where I am torn again…I don’t really like Nicole Kidman. I dont hate her or anything, she just reminds me of an ice queen.

    Happy Sunday!!!!!

  • If you ever feel like doing a review on that Loxley print, I’d love to see what it looks like and what you think of it :)

  • I haven’t seen Australia but that picture is awesome.

  • I haven’t seen Australia as well.. But my friends use to tell me that the place is really nice and cool..

  • LOL Reading can be hard when your mind and day are consumed with so many other things. I tend to read the last half hour of the day in bed the best.

  • Going off on rabbit trails? I love that!

    I’m completely a LOST junkie and have spent many an hour that could have been reading watching that. I’m so in lust with Desmond it’s not even funny…

    And this girl got married (the 2nd time!) at 34 and didn’t become a mommy until 39! YIKES! I love being a Mommy. And it all goes by far too fast.

    BTW, I’m completely impressed your child is eating broccoli. My son hasn’t touched a green veggie in years! It’s all about the carbs at my house. :(

  • I too thought that by 18 I’d married and a mom.. BOY was there another plan for me… lol.. Married at 23 and didn’t have my girls till 35… WOW.. But you’re right, there is NOTHING that I have experienced more amazing than motherhood..


    Thanks for sharing..

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