I can’t believe it’s October already! The weather is so nice right now, the air is cool and the trees are changing color – Autumn has arrived!

We had a nice weekend. On Saturday my friend Ranae and I went to a nearby mall – it’s huge! I know we didn’t see all of it. I was looking for a coat but never found one. We looked around in Macy’s and I did find some very nice coats but after seeing price tags decided $200 was a bit much. A bit. Ha. We checked out the price tags in true Lucy fashion – “you sneak a look at the price tag when no one is looking”. In the show, Lucy claps a hand over Ethel’s mouth to stifle the shocked gasp. Instead, I looked at Ranae and said loudly, “Not my style, m’dear!” and walked off haughtily. lol She agreed in the same tone of voice. We got around the corner and nearly collapsed into giggles.

What brought on this school-girl-like behavior, you ask? That would be the deeeeeeeelicious iced white chocolate peppermint mocha I splurged on from Starbucks. It was SO GOOD! I mean, seriously. What do they put in those drinks to make them addictive? *sigh* It’s a good thing I don’t work outside the home, I wouldn’t be able to resist the ingenious Starbucks drive-throughs.

The baby did great on the mall walk. I brought her stroller, of course, and though I know she was tired she didn’t nap once while we were at the mall – too many interesting things around. At one point we walked by a boothwhere there were lots of flat irons and hair tools… a young woman who reminded me much of one of the employees in The Devil Wears Prada (well-dressed, a little snooty) called to me as I was passing with my usual speediness (blame that on John). Her words: “Ma’am, your hair is too wavy. Come here.” First of all, how dare she call me ma’am. I may have a child but I’m not a ma’am yet. Second, I’m just walking through the mall… I mean, is the president going to be visiting the mall that day? I looked around me, expecting to see a woman nearby with curls exploding out of her head. No one but Ranae was near, and she was wearing a hat (lucky girl). The snooty girl clicked her heels as she strode around the booth to a chair and pointed to me and then the chair as she picked up a bright red flat iron. She didn’t smile, didn’t look me in the eye. Right, like I’m going to let her touch my hair when she’s got an attitude like that. I smiled and waved her away, blabbing something I can’t remember – either I was busy, meeting someone, or had no need whatsoever to straighten my hair more. I mean, I probably spent 45 minutes in the bathroom that morning anyway, making myself presentable. I finally get out of the house and have a chance to go shopping – the last thing I want to do is think about my appearance more. And anyway, I like a little wave in my hair and John likes it curly. So there. For awhile that did make me a bit overly self-conscious – I kept wondering what I could have done to my hair to make it look better. If there’s something wrong with my hair, I can blame it on the woman who cut it last – I asked for layers and at some point while she was cutting she said, “Oops.” Not really something you want to hear when someone has shiny scissors and is cutting swiftly (I hoped deftly) through your hair. Apparently she had “lost her place” in my hair, forgotten how long the layers were supposed to be. So my hair might have been a bit funky looking at most. It’s grown out, though, and looks good enough. For a walk through the mall. ;-) Enough of that.

We drove around and found Powell’s books after the mall. I carried Emma and this is where she started getting bored. My daughter? Bored? In a bookstore? Nooo, it can’t be! She stuck her hands in mouth and started making noises that sounded like groaning but is really her only way of communicating. Quite loud, though. lol Sadly, I didn’t end up buying any books, but that was one sweet bookstore.

I tried to upload a couple videos but Blogger seems to be having trouble so I’ll have to try again another time. God bless!


3 Responses to Malls, Snooty Hairdressers, and Starbucks

  • I miss the mall. I don’t think I’ve been in years. But the lady telling you your hair was too wavy was ridiculous. Who does that? Ugh.

    By the way…I just stumbled on your blog and I hope you don’t mind me just jumping in and commenting! I had to read the post when there was such a cute picture at the top. :o)

  • Great photo! And too funny about the “oops” on your hair… yeah, that’s never good to hear.

  • Neither a doctor nor a hairdresser should ever say OOPS!

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