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I love finding games that my kids enjoy playing but also are educational, don’t you?  Mental Blox by Learning Resources is one of those – it doubles as a concentration/memory/strategy game and a set of colorful building blocks!

 It can be used for younger children to familiarize them with their shapes and colors (and building/stacking skills).  I used this set with Isaac (he just turned 2) by asking him to:

•  Hand me a blue circle or purple square (color & shape differentiation)
•  Stack certain shapes on top of others (learning to follow instructions)
•  Hand me the shape identical to the one I am holding (there are two of each block)

Emma (4 1/2) is old enough to play the game in the two ways it is meant to be played:

1.  Players are allowed to look at one of the challenge cards for 10 seconds, then they try to re-build the pattern from memory!  They look at the card in 10-second increments.

(Click to enlarge)

2.  Someone not on either team (a “caller”) describes verbally what is in the picture and the teams try to re-build the pattern by description and memory.

The cards come in varying levels of challenge from easy to hard, and there are optional bonus questions at the bottom of each card.  (Enlarge the photo to see the bonus questions.)

As you can see, Emma was tickled to death after having put together her pattern from memory.  She also really enjoys playing independently, pulling out random cards and copying the pattern exactly.  It sounds easier than it is – I’ve challenged her to get everything just right and it has taught her to be more observant of small details like whether or not the lines on a block are vertically or horizontally oriented.

The blocks themselves are made of a light but tough plastic, are hollow, and feel well-made.  They stack sturdily (obviously or I wouldn’t be able to stack the spheres so high!) and aren’t too easy to topple over.

As an added bonus, it is AWESOME for building castles!  :)

I highly recommend Mental Blox by Learning Resources!  I usually try to include something I don’t like in my reviews, but I can’t think of anything we don’t like about this set – isn’t that awesome?  :)  It’s recommended for kids age 5-13 but I would say younger children will enjoy it as well since there are ways to simplify the gameplay.


You can purchase Mental Blox at Learning Resources or  It retails for $29.99.

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