I’m on a mission – and although it isn’t impossible, it’s not going to be an easy one.  You see, I have my eye on a few different vacuum cleaners.  All have pros and cons, and are recommended by fellow moms.  But the question I must answer (and soon, because my current vacuum has about zilch suction power right now) is this:

Which vacuum is the best fit for my family?

Here’s the situation.  I have a toddler, and a very messy one at that.  I love her dearly, but oh how frustrating is the constant layer of cheerios and crumbs upon our rugs!  I have to vacuum every day – there’s just no way of getting around that.  And that’s not all – I’m pregnant again so in about six short months there will be another little one creating chaos and messes!

So here’s my Dream Feature #1:

A vaccuum cleaner that is not heavy and bulky, making it easy for me to pull it out and vacuum every day!

Another consideration:  I am living in a very small house with limited storage.  Seriously, I have ONE closet and there isn’t even room enough for one upright vacuum.  My current vacuum resides in the living room in a very conspicuous place – and when I want to hide it from company it goes into my room with the door shut.

So Dream Feature #2 is:

I would love a vacuum that is easy to store!

More considerations:  My small house has quite a bit of furniture and decor, creating oh so many nooks, crannies, and spaces that are hard to get to.

That makes Dream Feature #3:

A vacuum cleaner that is easy to maneuver and has a hose attachment that will reach small spaces!

Still another consideration:  I would prefer not to have to purchase extras like vacuum bags.  I think it’s great being able to see what you’re sucking up anyway and being able to dig through it if you have to to retrieve small toys, etc.

Which leads me to Dream Feature #4:

Give me a clear bin to empty rather than vacuum bags and make me a happy woman!

Other features I would like to have:

  • Air filtration
  • Powerful suction action
  • A long hose for cleaning hard-to-reach corners, in the couch, places like that.

And NOW:  The equally awesome vacuum cleaner contenders…

The Dyson DC23 Turbinehead
The Dyson DC25 Animal

(I couldn’t decide which one I liked better!)

Dyson Animal Pro:  Maneuverable, light, and with root cyclone technology
But…  Cord that needs to be wrapped.

Dyson Turbinehead Pro:  Very maneuverable and with bin capacity larger than regular upright.
But…  It might not be as simple to store as an upright.


The Oreck Platinum Pilot with 360 Glide

Pro:  Its features are awesome and it comes with a separate handheld vacuum.
But…  I don’t see anything that says it doesn’t use vacuum bags


The Panasonic MC-UL915 Jetspin Cyclone Bagless Upright Vacuum

Pro:  Bagless, HEPA filter, 12-foot wand and hose
But…  It doesn’t appear to be quite as maneuverable as some of my other favorites.


The Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind

Pro: Cord Rewind & Folding Handle
But… The hose and wand don’t reach as far as the Dyson

Your Thoughts and Experiences?

Have you had any experience with these vacuum cleaners, or would you like to recommend a different one?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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19 Responses to Mommy Mission: Find a New Vacuum Soon! (Vacuum Comparison & Plea for Recommendations)

  • Well..I will be of no help because I am currently looking for one too! My biggest problem is dog hair – too long haired dogs is a NIGHTMARE to vacuum. But in all your options you listed, it actually looks like the Dyson Animal Pro might be the best option for you.

    • Yeah, I think the Dyson Animal Pro would definitely be the best for animal hair. :) I don’t have any pets at the moment but I am planning on getting a Collie puppy in the future – that breed is SO hairy, but I love them!

  • I’ve used everything from the el cheapo Walmart vac to the 8 lb Oreck. The Oreck works well, but isn’t incredibly maneuverable. We keep a Shark vac in the laundry room, and everyone defaults to that one. It’s the most maneuverable vac I’ve ever used, and for such a small, light weight vac, it picks up as much as our big vacs. I’m personally a fan of Shark and would recommend their line!

  • I have both of the Dyson vacs. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE DYson. :) Only vacs that have been able to handle my vacuuming so far. :) I do open the door to other vacs to challenge my Dysons. :) I am trying one other fabulous vacuum right now. I can’t wait to see how it goes. Feel free to contact me. :)
    Have a great week.

    • If I have any questions I definitely will contact you, Cindi – thank you for that!

      Dyson seems to be the most-recommended by moms!

      • The funny thing is I vac 2 times a day. So I need one that can keep up. (I have a dog and three kids) I have broken so many vacs. LOL

  • Manuverability – Dyson
    Pet hair control – Eureka
    Everyday stuff – Hoover.

    I have the bottom two and the Eureka is the biggest but the best for pets and also the cheapest. Our hoover is around 150 and works better than the Dyson we had been borrowing. I don’t own a Dyson, I can’t afford them but I have been lucky enough to review the other two and they are both very good vacuums.

    Good Luck with your decision!
    .-= Candace´s last blog ..Know What Bugs Me =-.

  • I have the Oreck Platinum….. love it! I highly suggest you go with it!

  • well, I can tell you that with 2 dogs, a cat, a 2.5 year old and 4 month old (who really only makes spit up messes) I have an oreck that I love! As far as I know, they do not make bagless vacuums, however. The pro of having a bag (in my opinion) is that all the dust and nastiness is trapped in there and doesn’t have an opportunity to fly back out into the air while I empty out the vacuum. THe way orecks are designed to seal off, too, when you take the bag out makes it impossible for the stuff to get back out.
    If you’re married to bagless, these are not for you, but I love mine!!

  • Oh, also orecks can be serviced and parts can be replaced, etc. That is not the case with most brands, even dysons from my understanding. My sister, a few years back, got a dyson because of all the hype and was so excited and gave away her old oreck immediately (she the polar opposite of a hoarder) and wished she had never gotten it within a few weeks. Just saying…

  • I have a Dyson DC25 Animal and I love it! I have two toddlers and I’m confident it picks up all the little bits and pieces I need to be concerned with. I also have two very furry cats and the Dyson picks up the fur WAY better than my last vacuum did!
    .-= Marybeth @ ww.babygoodbuys.com´s last blog ..Bumbleride Flite Review- An Affordable Option for a Premium Stroller =-.

  • I have an Oreck and it’s been a good little machine. It does have bags though, so you’ll probably be better off with a Dyson.

  • I recently went through the fun (not)of looking for a new vaccuum and we went with a central vac. i am now wishing I had gone with a Dyson. I have only heard good things about them and the speks are great. Good luck picking the one right for you, my choice would be the Dyson. :)
    .-= Julia´s last blog ..Monday Vlog Aug 2- 2010 =-.

  • What a great selection of vacuums to choose from! My mom and sister-in-law both have Dysons and have loved them from day 1. I haven’t had any experience with the others.

    Good luck shopping!

  • Unfortunately I won’t be of any help. I do not like my vacuum! LOL. I have the Dirt Devil Featherlite Bagless Upright and I’ve been looking for replacement. Thanks for the post – maybe I’ll try out the Dyson. Let us know which one you pick!

  • I have a Dyson (not the models you noted above) but I will say it is the BEST vacuum I have ever used (and trust me I’ve had a few). When I first got the Dyson, I was replacing a Hoover that I thought was pretty good – but it was “older” and needed a new switch and power cord and I was told was not worth fixing.

    The first time I used the Dyson, it picked up more “ground” in dirt from my area rugs than I thought could possibly be there. Remember I thought my other vacuum was still a good one.

    I’ve had my Dyson for approx 4 years now and wouldn’t trade it for any other brand.
    .-= Kat´s last blog ..Trip of a lifetime =-.

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