I’m just curious.  I mean a cut is a cut, right?

Well, maybe if someone wanted major layers or something wacky done.  I don’t know.  All I know is that my hair was to the middle of my back when I went in to the salon today and they charged me extra to get it trimmed and layered.  Did it take longer than when my hair was shorter?  I don’t think so!

I’m not peeved or anything, though – I have that new haircut euphoria and am just happy to have NEW HAIR!  :)

Whattya think?

Seriously, I haven’t gone anywhere “professional” since before Emma was born.  When she was a few months old I did brave a trip away (I was one of those “I can’t leave my baby” moms) – to the library.  Across from the library was a Perfect Look and I impulsively went in to get my hair cut.  Oh my, I just remembered I wrote a post about that!  Here it IS. Read the post for the whole story, but basically the lady who cut my hair was trying to get me in for money because she was fixing a mess-up hair color job.  I thought I would be okay since this was a hair CUT, not COLOR, but no.  I heard the word, “Oops” as she was cutting my hair.  Not the word you want to hear, right?  She had cut layers too short. No it did not look good, and yes I endured her insincere cries of “It looks great!” and paid her.

I will never go to Perfect Look again!  I’ve been burned too many times and have a lot more stories to tell.  But I’ll spare you.  Or save it for another post.

I also had something funny happen when I walked into the salon.  If you follow this blog you probably know I’m pregnant.  Well, as soon as I walked in everything buzzing around me conversation-wise was “Oh, so and so had her baby!” “How long did she push?”  “A half hour!”  “Wow!”  and talking about kids and car seats and everything.  It was so funny.  I have no idea if they were already talking about it before I walked in or if the sight of my pregnant tummy brought the topic to their minds.  It was just FUNNY.

Now I’m curious about something else.  What is the most you’ve paid for a haircut? Today I paid more than I ever have at $30.00.  Hence wondering why they charge so much!  I think John wants me to go into the business now that he’s discovered how much they charge.  lol  I wonder how much the hairstylists make, though… they must be paid per hour…

Okay I’ve got to stop thinking about this.  lol


11 Responses to Why Do Salons Charge More For Cutting Long Hair? (and Before/After Pictures!)

  • Looks cute!

    I have paid $40, but that was with a gift certificate and, honestly, I didn’t get a great cut. Usually I pay around $14 or so. I’m cheap on haircuts.
    .-= Carrie´s last blog ..Review part 2- The Little Looster =-.

    • Where do you get a $14.00 cut? lol I need to find that place… I seriously don’t think this one was worth $30.00. She actually cut my bangs a little shorter than I wanted and although I like my hair a lot, it didn’t look a lot like the picture I took in (the bangs in the picture were long and cut differently). So I don’t know. I already decided if I went back there I would ask for someone else.

      • HairMasters, with the email coupon that they send every 4-6 weeks. Although, now that I think about it, it might be $16 with the coupon now. Even the cheap places are getting more expensive!

  • I need a new place apparantly! My girl charges me $90 for a cut and $90 for color!! UGH!

  • When I can leave Sac and go down to the Delta where I lived my stylist down there charges between 15 and 20 bucks for a cut. And around 40 for highlights which is a STEAL since she uses chemical from Chi. But I JCPenney salon’s charge 70 bucks an hour. Which isn’t as great as it sounds cause the stylist only makes about 20 an hour for their time. Which is why they love tips!
    .-= MissC´s last blog ..Saturday Six! And other linkups =-.

  • thankyou so much for stopping by my blog today! I am now following you!

    .-= cheryl´s last blog ..Winner Winner Chicken Dinner =-.

  • WOW I can’t imagine paying 40 dollars for a hair cut. All the places around me are 12-16ish if you are just getting a cut. The place I like and always go back to is 15, i forget what it’s called but it’s inside of my local wal mart. There’s a place in my town that does female cuts for 11 dollars but they basically give everyone a mullet. I asked for simple layers and they did one layer that was like eyeball level and another that was shoulder length. and they weren’t blended at all so it looked like i had long bangs that went all the way around my head. super bad. haha.

    Though, I’ve always had hair that was no longer than maybe an inch past my shoulders, so maybe that’s why all the places i’ve been are cheaper. I guess I’ll find out soon cause my hair is about 2 my bra strap in back and I need a trim bad, it’s been like six months since i’ve gotten a trim from anyone other than my mother in law. though, she does great so i can’t complain :)

  • Wow, your hair looks great! I miss your lovely long curly locks, though:)

    Usually if it’s a chain, the girls are probably just starting out. They don’t take a lot home and they are “practicing” on you and can’t afford their own shop. This is my personal experience.
    Find someone who has been doing it for years and can afford their own shop. That’s who I found and she’s fabulous and charges 20, but she’s in a small town. Metro areas are more. I’m sorry I’ve moved 3000 miles away. Now I have to find someone else.

  • The most I paid was 42.00 but that was because I was getting it cut, then set in an updo for a night out with hubbie for a company event. This woman did a LOT OF curls and was so patient.
    .-= kyooty´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday-I miss this! =-.

  • I have paid close to $100 for haircuts before. I pay $60 currently
    .-= Becca´s last blog ..Crafting Mama Coming to Nintendo DS in October =-.

  • $30 for a hair cut is cheap? Many stylists pay booth rent and their own liability insurance. I know one who had to make $600 a week before she had income to take home. I have paid $65 for just a cut and over $100 for cut and color. Keratin would be $200 plus.

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