If you haven’t given making homemade moon sand a go, hopefully this post will spur you on!  There are several different recipes out there in blogland right now, but the one I had everything for was a flour and baby oil recipe.  I mixed together 9 cups flour and 1 1/2 cups oil to make this stuff:

I’m loving the texture and consistency – it’s very soft, and is easy to form into towers and walls, then break down and start again.  Both my kids loved it.  I put it in our turtle sandbox and let them have at it.

Emma made a fairy castle, but what they’ve really enjoyed has been scooping, pouring, and touching.  It’s just irresistible!  Even I want to get in there.  :)

Definitely something we’ll be doing again, and so far we’ve been playing in the same moon sand outside for 3 days so it’s worth saving for later, too.  I bought some extra cheap flour today so I can add more tomorrow.

The only downside to this is that it is messy to sit in, especially if your little one is wet at all (obviously).  But totally worth it in my opinion!

Have you ever made homemade moon sand?




7 Responses to Making Moon Sand – Easy Peasy and Fun!

  • I have never made it but going to now! I need sand for our turtle sandbox:)

  • That is a really cool idea. I think I should try it, although no where to put it yet. I was thinking of getting a small play pool, so I could use that. What do you do with it when it’s yucky? Or does it last forever? Have they tried to eat it, cause I know that’s what Kaya would do?

    • I would just dump it into a trash bag when you’re done, but so far it has lasted awhile for us.

      My kids are old enough to say no on eating it, but I’m not worried about it too much since it’s just flour and oil.

  • How many batches did you make for the turtle? How far did it fill it. We are thinking of doing this for our little girls bday party.

    • Hi Rene! I filled it about a quarter of the way full and didn’t really do it in batches, I just took the bag of flour and oil and kept adding the ingredients till I thought the consistency was right. What a fun birthday party idea!

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