A gift from our pastor’s wife at my baby shower:  She recovered my glider cushions for me!  Wasn’t that sweet?  :)

I love this photo.  That balloon came from my baby shower and Emma has taken it with her everywhere.


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  • So precious! She looks so deep in thought :)

  • I’ve never seen her so still, lol. Lovely gift:)

  • That is the sweetest picture!

  • That is a lovely photo and I love that glider, never had one! Always wanted one for nursing the little ones but alas I am done having children or so I think … maybe that will be something I get for my children when they are fully grown and having children of their own. OR For me as a grammy! lol Happy WW!

  • So adorable. And I *love* the new covers on your glider. You’re going to get plenty of use out of that glider soon, I’m sure. That is, IF Emma lets you have it. She looks pretty content! :)

    • I wouldn’t be too worried about that since she rarely sits still (which is one reason I love this photo), but lately she’s wanted to sit in my lap even more often and I think it’s just because it’s such a challenge now! lol I have so little room for her, she has to curl around my stomach to stay on, and then Isaac is kicking her, haha.

      By the way, I so thought I was going into labor last night but nothing happened… oh the suspense! How have you had so many children and stayed sane?

      • Parker does the same thing. He loves to climb in my lap, but then he gets frustrated when Gage starts doing his karate moves. :)

        Knowing that I *can’t* go into labor on my own helps. It drives me crazy because I contract so much, but they do nothing. If I actually had to worry about going into labor, I’d probably be more of a crazy woman than I am now. ;)

  • I love this picture. The glancing out the window with ballon in hand is priceless. Thanks for stopping by.

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