Nature Study: Mushrooms!

We bundle up (something that takes 20 minutes or more in our house) and step out into the yard.  The air is brisk and it feels damp outside.  Emma and Isaac immediately begin racing around the perimeter, Isaac running for the love of it and Emma a bit slower, her eyes observing everything and checking for any changes that might have taken place since we were last outside.  It’s been a few days because of the rain – the ground is soft and smushy (I made that word up apparently), everything is wet and soon feet are, too.  We need rubber boots again!  Emma informs me that the grass is not “wet”, it is DEW on the grass.  Not rain.  I’m not sure if this knowledge comes from my telling her in the past or something she has seen on TV lately, but I’m glad she knows!

Mushrooms photo

It only takes a minute before something new is discovered and I hear the squeal, “MUSHROOMS!”.  Emma has no qualms about touching or picking one and snaps the base of one so she can show me.

Nature Study: Mushrooms!

It looks like she’s eating one in the picture below, but I assure you she isn’t.


She knows the dangers of mushroom-tasting – apart from watching Alice in Wonderland grow to be taller than the trees and smaller than a caterpillar.  ;-)

mushroom underneath

There is a lot to be learned about a mushroom just by touching and observing!  We have many different types of mushrooms in our yard and each has a different shape.  How do they feel?  Slimy!  How do they smell?  Like the mushrooms we buy at the store – earthy.  But even though they smell as good doesn’t mean we taste them, oh no!  Only an expert can tell which are safe enough to eat.

Nature Study: Mushrooms

I just love to look at mushrooms – they make me think of fairies and elves.

Nature Study: Mushrooms!

The colors are so vivid, especially in our very green yard.


Emma found a little something underneath one… a slug!

Nature Study: Mushrooms!

We plan to use some of the wonderful resources at Handbook of Nature Study in studying mushrooms this week!

Nature Study: Mushrooms!

More to come later.  :)



3 Responses to {Mushroom Nature Study: Part 1} Discovering Mushroom City in Our Yard!

  • Ewwww ;) Looks like they found some great mushrooms! I’m so glad that study is over for us! :) There are some great kids books for mushrooms!

  • hey! you’ve taken beautiful pictures! and i love her hat!
    please do read the Handbook of Nature Study on mushrooms, it’s super interesting.
    we did the mushroom print and it turned out VERY cool.

    thanks for sharing with {nsm!} i hope you come back again real soon!

    amy in peru

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