It’s that time – now I get to see how I did on my “It List” for 2012!

1.  Get this camera.  I tried out a friend’s and seriously love it!  I will sell all my possessions and buy it if need be.  ;-)
Check!  And it is ALL the awesomeness I thought it would be.  :)  If you’re considering a DSLR I so recommend this one!  I got mine from Costco in a package that was really great value, too.  It came with the case, training DVDs, rechargeable battery and charger, and camera strap.  
2.  Find a good go-to homemade/handmade bread recipe.
Check!  Okay this is one I haven’t shared yet but I promise I will soon.  It came from a friend and I currently have it written on a piece of paper… somewhere… in my pantry.  ;-)
3.  Get better at vlogging.
(Yeah, not any better at that.  Oh well!)
4.  Establish a routine with Emma regarding preschool/crafts/fun time that we can keep up with but isn’t overwhelming.
Check!  We have a workbox system now that I love!
5.  Start reading my Bible and spending time with God every morning before I do anything else (including getting on the computer!).
(Okay, I have been doing this almost every day but as far as doing it before getting on the computer, sometimes that doesn’t happen.  I am not awake until after I get my coffee and usually I will sit and check my mail and other things before I get started on Bible.  And some days it just doesn’t happen until evening.  I think that’s okay – as long as I’m getting it in every day I know I’m doing good.)
6.  Make Emma another dress with this really cute horsey fabric I bought from YardSellr.

(I started on this but still haven’t finished it!  I just got too tired over the holidays to sew.  I’ll finish it in 2013 (I HOPE)!)
7.  Get a professional family photo shoot!  :)
(This hasn’t happened yet but my sister-in-law just moved close-by and she’s great at photo shoots so I’m going to shoot for 2013.)
8.  Spend a weekend at the coast with my husband, just the two of us!  I haven’t been away from my children ever for more than a few hours, so it’ll be painful but nice.  Thankfully they’re very close to their grandparents and I know will have a blast with them!
(This particular trip didn’t happen, but we did spend almost a week at a pastor’s conference and a couple extra days by ourselves and that was really fun.:)
9.  Read more books by Agatha Christie.  Why have I never read anything by this awesome author before?  LOVE!  (Tommy and Tuppence are my favorite characters.)
(Reading hasn’t been at the top of my to-do list lately, let alone reading a specific author.  I did listen to part of the first Tommy & Tuppence book on audio, and we’ve watched Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple shows on Netflix… does that count?)
10.  Find a piano, a reeeal piano.  I haven’t been able to play since Emma was born and really really miss it!  The fact that we have “no room” is the main reason we don’t have one right now, so I’ve been furtively peering around the living room and dining room, looking for things that could disappear and create space for a piano.  I’ve decided that the bookshelves and DVD shelves will have to go – I have an eReader and Netflix instant, who needs shelves?  ;-)
(We did get a beautiful keyboard with weighted keys (like a piano) that I’m very happy with!  I still haven’t said goodbye to the bookshelves and DVD shelves yet, I have to figure out what I’m going to DO with that stuff first.  So we’re a little crowded but it’s worth it!  So nice to be able to play and write music again.  :)   

So are you happy with what you accomplished in 2012?  :)

3 Responses to How I Did On My “10 Things to Do Before 2013″ It List

  • I’m impressed…I have barely accepted that it’s 2012, lol, much less thought about how close we are to 2013. I need to make a list like this!

    As a suggestion for routine with Emma, try doing one thing each day. Like maybe Monday is writing practice day, Tuesday is visit the library/practice reading day, Wednesday is crafts, etc. Since she’s still young, don’t feel like you have to do an entire themed lesson complete with crafts and activities each day. Spread it out over a week and you’ll probably both enjoy it more.

  • Try this bread recipe. It doesn’t get easier and it is soooo yummy!

    I’ve subbed 1/2 of the flour with whole wheat with great success

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