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My daughter Emma is 11 months old and has two very cute bottom teeth. (I don’t usually consider teeth to be cute, but baby teeth ARE cute, don’t you agree? ;-)

Anyway, yesterday her two top teeth started poking through the gums – youch! That just SOUNDS painful, doesn’t it? Well it is, apparently. I personally don’t remember, but according to Emma – yes, it’s not a fun experience. So, behold my future (and present):

♥ Excessive clinginess
♥ Bouts of crying during which I have no idea what to do for her
♥ Comfort nursing (see my
recent post in which I whined and mourned the fact that she was weaning)
♥ Teething tablets down the hatch

♥ All-natural gum-numbing fluid

♥ Chewing chewing chewing on EVERYTHING (including me)

♥ Drooling
♥ Lots of hugs and kisses and singing and anything else to distract her

We aren’t picky about what we chew on… lol

My first clue that this was happening came the day before yesterday, but I’m no Sherlock Holmes (hey, it’s my first baby – have mercy!). I just thought she was having a grumpy day or maybe coming down with something. I don’t think she smiled ALL day. In fact, if you look at some of my pictures from this past weekend, you’ll see the serious expressions she was giving me. It wasn’t like her and I was wondering what was up… now I know. It was the calm before the storm. Of course, she is a focused child anyway (inherits that from her daddy), but she’s also super cheerful and smiley. People are always asking me, “Is she always this happy?”

And I lie through my teeth, “Yes!” ;-)

(not really, lol)

Hmmm, might be nice to make some baby teething biscuits this weekend!

Some things that have been helping us get through the teething times:

♥ Teething biscuits from the freezer
♥ Bamboo washcloths, wet and cold (giveaway and review coming up!)

♥ Her favorite DVDs, including That Baby DVD (you can enter my giveaway for a copy of your own now!)

Teething Tablets (I use Hyland’s)
♥ Her favorite things that comfort her – a super soft blankie and her pacifier

♥ Dark chocolate and coffee (oh wait, that’s for me ;-)

Chewing on her bamboo washcloth

♥ Share Your Thoughts ♥

Got any tips or stories to share regarding teething babies?

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



4 Responses to My Baby is Teething… Oh Joy!

  • Poor Emma!
    I am so not looking forward to Lily teething. It just looks and sounds so painful, for the baby and Mama.

    Thanks for the link to the homemade teething biscuits. Have you made them before?
    Good luck.

  • I feel your pain. Peyton is teething too. He has his two front bottom teeth and his two front top teeth but now he is working on the other two top teeth. I LOVE the Hyland’s teething tablets. I’ve used them with all the kiddos and it seems to be the only thing that works.

  • My *almost* 10 month old is getting in his bottom 2 teeth AND his top eye teeth?? vampire?? ;) no other tips than the ones you are already doing! Although im a bad mommy & bought mini-popsicles & he LOVES them! Teething sucks! Poor babys!

  • I totally love this post, and it reinforces my decision NOT to have any more babies! ;)

    That first picture is so adorable!

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