In fact, our due dates are exactly a week apart!

I hadn’t shared this yet, but it’s awesome and makes me laugh at the same time.  You see, our first little girls are both born in May 2008, too.  How weird is that?   And we didn’t know each other back then so it was so not planned.

But then this time it wasn’t planned, either… although we both started talking about wanting more kids at about the same time.  And, naturally, we talked about it to each other.  Next thing we know?  “I’m pregnant!” “I’m pregnant!”  (She found out first.)

I have to say that it is FUN being pregnant at the same time as a really good friend.  We’ve gone shopping for maternity clothes together and talked together incessantly about baby names, how it feels to be pregnant again, and how well our husbands and little girls are handling everything. We’ve empathized with each other about morning sickness, having no energy, and mood swings.  It’s been so nice to have someone you are close to know exactly what you’re going through when you’re going through it.

The only bummer is that we’re not going to have the babies at the same hospital – think of the opportunities!  We could carpool to appointments, get our ultrasounds at the same time, and even induce at the same time!

Bet you thought I was serious there.  ;-)  Actually, I would rather not induce… (please shoot me first).  And the idea is kind of a crazy one anyway, though I’m sure it’s been done!

Right now we’re both waiting impatiently for our ultrasounds – the ones that will tell us whether we’re carrying a boy or a girl.  We both kind of feel like we’re having girls, but who knows?  It would be funny if we both ended up with little girls again.  :)

Have you ever been pregnant at the same time as a friend or family member?  Was it planned?


5 Responses to My Best Friend is Pregnant, Too…

  • Actually when I was pregnant with AppleBlossom both my sister and SIL were pregnant too. :) SisterL was four months ahead of me, and SisterA was four months behind me. With AppleBlossom smack in the middle. That year was exciting for my mom as Grandmama. In April she got DaughterM, in July it was AppleBlossom, in December she was super lucky with SonT and then a cousin who looks to my mom as grandmama for her kids gave her DaughterG!!

    Now this year I look at my friends and find you and Erin, and SisterL (again) and my friend Amy all preggos. I told my mom about you all as I found out and she said it sounded like an epidemic. I told her I was not afflicted. At least not currently. *sigh*
    .-= Margaret´s last blog ..Baby’s First Bible from Thomas Nelson =-.

    • Wow, all those grandbabies at the same time! :) I forgot to mention that two of my husband’s sisters were/are pregnant, too – lol. One just had her baby a couple days ago and the other will have hers this week probably. :)

      I hope you’re blessed again soon! Would you want another little girl or a boy do you think?

  • How fun! When I got pregnant with my son (he’s first and only right now) we were living with friends in their basement apartment and when we announced we were trying to get pregnant…they announced that they were pregnant with their 3rd. Two months later I was pregnant and she was the first person I told because I needed her to see the lines (since they were so faint) and confirm that i really was pregnant! It was so much fun to be pregnant with someone else and it was really great to have someone that had been through it before so she could help answer all of my crazy questions! When we would read pregnancy books together and gush over each other’s ultrasound pictures. We even had some of the same cravings!
    Our little boys are a few months apart and are great friends. I hope whenever I get pregnant next (hopefully soon) that I will also have a friend going through it too because it was so much fun!

  • I actually was pregnant first. Then found out my youngest step-brother’s wife was pregnant. Another step-brother’s wife had suffered a miscarriage just before I got pregnant (I think or maybe it was right after?). Then we found out that they were expecting! So my dad and step-mom went from no grand kids to three within 6 months! My step-mom was in total baby heaven, especially when she found out I was having a girl. Middle grand kid is a boy and then the last one was a mystery until she was born :-)

    It was fun to share the experience with them and it brought us a bit closer together. The kids have brought us closer together too and I’m so glad my little bug has cousins so close in age.
    .-= Angela D.´s last blog ..Dusk to Dawn A Read-a-Thon =-.

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