30 Years Old

Tuesday I turned 30.

It seemed like such a significant milestone, especially when I turned 29 and thought with dread, “This is my last year being in my 20’s…”.  Then on Monday I experienced a little jolt when I realized that would be the last DAY I would be in my 20’s!

I wDSC_0004asn’t sure how I felt about it – I mean, in this world getting older isn’t exactly glorified.  The women in Hollywood try their hardest to look younger, moving heaven and earth to get rid of lines around their faces, suffering through Botox treatments to keep anything from sagging no matter how ridiculous it makes them look… nobody wants to get old, right?  And I’ve noticed little signs of entering my 30’s, like the occasional gray hair (yeah, that’s right – GRAY!) on my head which was instantly annihilated plucked or the fine laugh lines around my eyes.  I always think, “How did that get there?”.  Then I look at my kids and know the answer to that question.  ;-)

But Tuesday when I woke up and thought, “Today I’m 30!” I realized that I felt nothing but contentment and thankfulness.  No sadness, no wishing I could be 20 again.

Why?  Because look at what I have!  Two healthy, happy kids.  I have my supportive and loving extended family living within a couple hours from us.  And so much more.  :)  I could fill this post with the good things I have!  (Sure, and some negative things but why would I want to dwell on that?)

More importantly, I can look back through the years and see God’s hand on my life, that He’s not forsaken me or left me alone at any moment – even when I was making unwise decisions.  That is so comforting!  I’ve read and known that that is how God works ever since I was a child being read Psalms by my mom, but really seeing it in your own life as you look back through prayer journals and letters, knowing that at one point you were feeling hopeless but God brought you through… well, it really means a lot.  There were times I thought I was abandoned but later realized I had never been without Him.

My point here is that the more time passes the more I see His faithfulness and that makes me happy!


Another thing that made me smile on my birthday was how excited Emma was about my birthday.  She kept saying, “Happy Birthday, mom!” all throughout the day (okay and every day since, haha) and singing happy birthday to me.  It was just too cute that she was so happy for me.  Then both kids helped me make a cake which turned out sooo delicious!  It’s definitely the type of cake I would go for – with a coconut filling and “frosted” with cool whip.  Then I let the kids go crazy with sprinkles and m&m’s on top.  It was yummy, EASY, and is officially my new favorite cake.  (You can find the recipe here if you’re interested!)

coconut cake EASY!

I’m looking forward to my 30’s now, I think it’s going to be great.  :)

Just don’t mention how much closer I am to 40.  Please.  :-p


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  • Happy Happy Birthday! Less than a month ago I turned 29 and I have always said I look forward to 30. It will be another year that the good Lord has allowed me to live. I have accomplished most of what I set out to do before hitting 30. Married and just had our 5th and final child. God is so good and His mercy endureth forever.

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