Okay, obviously there’s no contest – my baby comes first and if my beloved caffeinated beverages are giving him a tummy ache (thanks to breastfeeding) I’ll learn to survive without it.  But wow, it’s HARD when you’re not getting enough sleep and are trying to keep tabs on a toddler and a baby all day and night.

It’s particularly hard this morning.  Isaac awakened every hour last night needing either a feeding or burping or just wanting to be awake.  At 3:30 a.m. it took me an hour and a half to get him back to sleep by rocking him in our glider.  So this morning I feel like I’m barely making it.

And boy would a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha SO hit the spot right now!

But alas, it seems that coffee and my little one’s stomach do not agree.


And isn’t it a cruel trick that Starbucks JUST sent me a postcard good for one free drink because it’s my birthday?

No, you can’t have it. I’ll get a non-caffeinated something later…  ;-)

Anyway, after trying three or four times to make sure that coffee really was the culprit making Isaac fussy and inconsolable, I quit drinking it.  I even tried watering the coffee WAY down and adding creamer so that it was just very weak, but it still bothered him.

Next I decided to try black tea as a substitute – less caffeine, ya know.  But unfortunately, he was fussy afterward.

Next I tried Pepsi.  That bothers him, too.

What else can I possibly try?  Will I have to give up on all forms of caffeine while breastfeeding?  It did seem that there were a couple of times I drank a caffeinated beverage and it didn’t hurt him so I’m wondering what I did differently.  Maybe eating something with it?  I don’t know…

Now I know that being addicted to caffeine isn’t a good thing anyway – the high and low you get from being a caffeine junkie is bad for your body.  But saying goodbye to something you’ve looked forward to every morning for years is tough.  And now I tend to worry about everything I’m eating hurting Isaac so that makes it all that much harder.

What I want to do is find a substitute… maybe a yogurt drink in the morning?  If that doesn’t hurt him, of course.  Maybe iced green tea – I love that during the summer.

What did you do if your caffeine habit gave your baby colic?

A friend suggested I go with decaf coffee but I’m not actually sure it’s the caffeine so much as the acid in the coffee.  I would still like to try it, though.  What do you think?


10 Responses to My Colicky Baby… or My Need for Caffeine?

  • It’s probably the acidic nature of the coffee rather than the caffiene – 6-8 weeks old, my second son went through a TERRIBLY fussy phase. Luckily, it was only a couple weeks, but it was a LONG couple of weeks. (The doc also said that is the normal peak for fussiness.) I triedeverything, cutting things out of my diet, etc. Nothing changed his fussiness. After a short time, I went back to my normal diet and everything and also got back to his normal self.

    Also, if you have been having a lot of caffiene, and stop cold turkey, that could also affect your baby. He could be having minor caffiene withdrawl, such as a headache, causing him to be fussy. It would be temporary and not dangerous, but could be causing him to be fussy.

    Anyway, keep up your hard work! You are doing great!

    • Thanks for sharing, Emily! I do wonder sometimes if anything can make a colicky baby better. I’ve had days where I didn’t drink caffeine and was careful not to eat any of the other colic-inducing foods and he still was fussy and spitting up. Yesterday I drank half a cup of a chai latte (from a mix) and he was GREAT all day and night! So I don’t know – it’s just a phase we have to get through I think. I hope he’s better after 6-8 weeks like your son!

      And good thinking about stopping cold turkey… I know I’ve been feeling the withdrawal symptoms – headaches, etc. So maybe he has, too. Poor kid, I created a caffeine junkie! lol The thing is that I never went totally crazy when I was pregnant… the most I would have is one cup of coffee a day and I tried to make it less. Sometimes these things are just inexplicable!

  • My now 5 month old was the same way and I couldn’t have any pop or coffee.. it was caffeine in general and not only did it upset her tummy but it caused projectial spit up. It only last a few months though I just kept trying here and there. I think by the third month I was able to drink whatever I wanted without upsetting her :) She is still nursing happily and I’m getting my beverages. Good luck momma!

  • What about those protein drinks from the health food store that we used to drink in the mornings? Those are good for you, give you energy, and shouldn’t hurt baby. Also, the chocolate ones are yummy. Sip it like a Starbucks and enjoy first thing when you get up:)

  • I don’t know girl! Have you tried contacting someone had a natural foods store to see if they have any suggestions?

  • Wow after reading all those comment, I want a fruit smoothie! I really hate that Wilsonville’s Booster Juice closed :( I always felt great after I had those… I guess I need to learn to make my own, right?

    So to deal with Owen’s Colic, I’ve been giving him a tsp of Gripe water in the morning and in the evening and he’s been happy. So far so good…. :)

  • I am a caffeine addict. Pepsi is my drug of choice, and now that they’ve got Pepsi Throwback out, it’s gotten increasingly worse. I am hoping that Gage can tolerate a Pepsi now and then once he’s here, but if he can’t, I’ll be switching to protein drinks, vitamin water, and fruit smoothies. It will stink, for sure, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! :)

    And I TOTALLY agree that you need to wean your way off the caffeine. If you cut it out cold turkey, it could put him into caffeine withdraw and you’ll have a very fussy baby on your hands!

    Good luck! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it’s a great day!!

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