I am SO glad my daughter likes her walker. When she was (even more of) a baby it was the swing that was the life-saver. Now it’s the walker.

And her new The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book. :-)

Oh, and Signing Time DVDs (which she’s watching in the pic below).

And graham crackers, yum! (I eat them too now, lol)



John’s playstation controller? Uh oh, over and out!



3 Responses to My Daughter’s Favorite Things…

  • That was just adorable! My son’s swing saved us during his colicky/teething time. That and a Kelloggs cereal box with Aladin and Jasmine on it. :) Seriously I had to cut out the cover and tape it to the wall. He loved to stare at it. :)

  • Yes, but can she harbor half a banana in her mouth for hours like you did? You were a stuffer. Lol.

  • She is so cute! My son loved his walker but my daughter used to shimmy down through it *somehow* and get her head stuck in the leg part. That happened twice and no more walker.

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