Emma has definitely lost the “baby” look.  Ah, bittersweetness!

She is such a tease and absolutely loooves being outside!

And then there’s me… I’m 27 weeks pregnant now and this little boy inside moves ALL the time!  He is so active – I’m just saying this now because it’s on my mind – he’s squirming around now despite the fact that it’s almost midnight.

Happy Wordless (sorta) Wednesday!  :)


4 Responses to My Little Girl is Growing Up! And a Preggo Pic :)

  • Emma is absolutely gorgeous! I just love her curly red hair!

    And you, my dear. WOW. You are nothing but belly! You look fabulous! By 27 weeks, I’ll officially look like a house. :) Enjoy those baby movements. I can’t wait until I can feel this baby all the time!

    • Aw, thank you! I think I’m just hiding my extra fat well, though. lol I have gained significantly in the curvey area, both on the back side and the front. haha I’m really liking skirts right now because they camouflage it pretty well. hehe

  • Wow, your wee girl is just gorgeous! Love the pic of you too, I loved being pregnant – enjoy!

  • Great photos! :) Our little girls are growing up so fast aren’t they? Time needs to slow down a little bit!

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