This is what naptime in the afternoons looks like for us. :)  My mom gave us a bunch of vintage Happy Hollisters books and Emma is really enjoying them. These are her first real chapter books!  I just realized that.  My very first chapter books were Betsy and Tacy series – I remember how proud I was to be reading all by myself!  

Emma’s favorite Hollister is Holly, who is a little girl 6 years old (just like Emma, who just turned 6 on the 8th).  Of course, these children are much more mature than the 6-year-olds she’s read about in many modern picture books and short stories.  I appreciate that about older literature, don’t you?  They didn’t  dumb things down back then.


Apparently this book features quite a mystery, with the kids trying to find out who robbed a store.  The only clue is a hat…  It’s just too cute seeing her so interested in reading, and it quite impresses me that she is ready for a long-term read like this.  I love it!


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  • I was in fourth or fifth grade when I discovered those books at the Christian school I attended. Read all I could get my hands on and they got me through a rough time in our family:) Glad she’s enjoying them!

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