Marie Callender's Pie

It’s National Pi Day today!  I chose to celebrate this day by using it as an excuse to eat…


Think I overdid it?  ;-)  I don’t.  Neither did Emma…


Cool Tip:  Teach your kids about Pi using a pie!  See how at Marie Callender’s blog.

We buy a lot of Marie Callender’s pies in our household.  There’s an excited whoop coming from both kids AND my husband when I announce it’s gonna be a pot pie night because their chicken or turkey pot pies are everyone’s favorite meal!


And it’s my favorite meal because it doesn’t require any work on my part for a change.  ;-)  And they really are delicious and filling!   They even taste great coming out of the microwave which for me is saying something since I’m kind of a snob about eating microwaved frozen meals.  Usually microwaved meals don’t taste nearly as good as oven-baked but that’s not the case with Marie Callender’s pot pies!  They always come out with a flaky, firm crust and piping hot filling.  Yum.

So anyway, tonight was chicken pot pie night and we topped it off with a coconut pie, too!  Yet another easy and yummy treat that required NO work on my part – seriously, all we had to do is thaw it in the refrigerator.  Love it.  :)


Did you do anything to celebrate Pi Day?

Check out Marie Callender’s Online:


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