My little guy is 2 weeks old now and we’ve definitely had some ups and downs while trying to get into a good bedtime routine.  I knew to expect very little sleep, but the first few nights were still rough.  It’s amazing how much you forget when it’s been two years since you took care of a newborn!  With Emma, we kept her in her own room in her crib from the get-go.  This time, we don’t have an extra room for Isaac… and honestly, I know I worried too much with Emma when it came to schedules and doing everything “right”.  I listened for her cries and would get up, get her from her room, and go to the living room where our glider resided to nurse.  It was TIRING.  I wish I had just kept her near my bed at first.  I remember jerking awake while rocking and wishing there were an easier way.  We thought co-sleeping was bad, though, so I didn’t even attempt it.  ;-)


I knew before Isaac arrived that I would be keeping him in a bassinet beside the bed.  The first couple of nights were hard because I was so sore and tired, and Isaac was used to being up all night and sleeping during the day (that was his in-the-womb schedule).  But with some effort I got him used to being more active during the day and less at night.  You know, by keeping things noisy and bright and stimulated during the day and quiet, dark, and unstimulating at night.  When he wakes up and cries, I feed him and put him back in his bassinet.  But there have been times I’ve fallen asleep while feeding and then we end up co-sleeping.

I never thought I would like co-sleeping, but I really do!  I don’t want to keep it up long-term because I think it’s important for kids to have their own place and learn to fall asleep by themselves, but for this first month or so while I recuperate from giving birth and get used to having two children to take care of, it works for us.  It helps me get extra rest and I care more about that than anything else right now!


I’ve been swaddling, too, and that seems to help Isaac feel more secure.  I swaddle him myself in a receiving blanket every night, something I had to teach myself via youtube video – it’s harder than it looks!


Isaac likes to suck on a pacifier once in awhile, like during diaper changes and sometimes in the evening, but I haven’t been giving them to him at night because when I do he fusses more due to the fact that it falls out of his mouth.  I put it back in, 20 minutes later it’s out.  I tried that the first two nights after he was born and it was not worth it.

So far I think I’m just lucky that Isaac has fallen into a nighttime routine.  He caught on quickly!  There have been nights so far that he’s only awakened me three or four times throughout the night.

I’m curious, how did you and your newborn adjust to a bedtime routine?  What worked best for you?


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  • We have always been a co-sleeping family. It worked well for us, and made me less nervous. I had the bassinet in our room with both. Both of my kids also loved swaddling, I wish I could be swaddled in a blanket lol.

    • That’s exactly what I was trying to say in this post… I was really stressed with Emma because I was trying to keep her in her own room. And I didn’t have a monitor so I would go to bed tense and straining to hear her (we left the doors open). I would wake up multiple times in the night hearing what I call “phantom cries” because I was concentrating so hard when I fell asleep I would dream about it. LOL It was awful! Glad I’ve chilled a bit with this second baby. :) It’s a much more relaxed and fun experience this time.

      Thank you for sharing!

      • I agree! The second child is much easier, I felt like a “pro” mommy when I had Zoe…although I know I am far from pro. I just knew what to expect with certain things.

  • I don’t know what this ‘co-sleeping is, but having your baby with you in the first weeks is the only way. I kept you & Kristy near me until you were sleeping through the night and I don’t think it made you dependent on me in any way shape or form. You loved your own beds as toddlers and it was never an issue:)

    • I think I’m doing it “right” since Isaac doesn’t mind moving to his own bassinet right after feeding. Co-sleeping is having them sleep with you all the time… I think. LOL I have fallen asleep with him on top of me while I’m burping him a couple of times but that’s because he was colicky and couldn’t settle on his back in the bassinet. I’d rather have him sleeping on his tummy where I can “watch” him sort of than putting him in the bassinet on his tummy. So it works for us! I guess it’s a modified sort of co-sleeping.

  • He’s adorable. So peaceful.

  • I co-slept with Parker, but I let it go on for far too long. Since hubby worked nights when P was born, it was just easier to put Parker in bed with me, and feed him on demand through the night. When P was 19 months old, I stopped nursing him and decided to move him to his crib. Yeah. That was a nightmare.

    I’m actually going to try NOT co-sleeping this time around. I have a cradle that I’ll keep beside our bed for the first few months, but with my first 4 kids, I noticed they always started sleeping better through the night once I moved them to their own room and away from me at night.

    Isaac is just the cutest little thing! You make beautiful babies!

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences! I don’t want to keep Isaac in our room for too long because I don’t want him to be dependent on me being in the room to fall asleep when he isn’t needing as many feedings at night. But right now it’s definitely necessary so we can both get more rest. :)

      Thank you I definitely do make cute babies. lol And so do you for that matter!

      • I’ve got a friend that has co-slept with all of her kids from birth. She and her husband are actually “cooking” baby #11 right now. I have no idea how they all sleep in the same bed, but they do, and she swears by it. I’m just one that needs my own space. And now that hubby is on day shift again, he HATES having a baby in the bed. I think it’ll be better for my marriage – and my baby to have Gage in his own bed. :)

        But, I will tell you, I *loved* co-sleeping with Parker. Even though I did it way too long, and I’m still paying the price for it, it was worth every second. There’s nothing quite like opening your eyes in the morning and seeing that sweet little angel lying next to you.

        • I know what you mean – and I feel the same way, babies need to be out of the bedroom for my marriage to be healthy. lol Parents should have their space for sure, and it’s good for babies to know they have their own place, too. I can’t imagine having everyone in the family share one bed!

  • we did some co-sleep, some bassinet, and at 9 weeks she went to her own room and slept all night from that point on.


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