It was my mom who asked me, “You don’t get the Kirkland baby wipes from Costco, do you?”  I do.  I love that I get them in bulk and the ones I get say they’re unscented, ultrasoft, AND hypoallergenic, as well as alcohol- and chlorine-free.  But my mom tells me that she saw that “propane” or something similar was the ingredient in those wipes.  I told her, “Propane?  I don’t think so… that’s weird.”

I secretly wondered if she’d gone off the deep end.  I mean, what company would put propane in a wipe meant for baby’s bottom?

So I check.  And guess what I see under “Ingredients” on our wipes (that we just bought a new case of, by the way)?



Off to Google, of course.  First I looked up “Nitropropane”. The first result?  A hot rod website.  Wow.  Not promising.

Next I looked up the whole ingredient including the confusing numbers.  Here is what I’ve been able to find so far…

Source: Wikipedia

Bronopol (INN) is a highly active antimicrobial chemical compound whose chemical formula is 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol.

The use of Bronopol in personal care products (cosmetics, toiletries) has declined since the late 1980s due to the recognized potential for nitrosamine formation.

Although fairly ubiquitous in our diet and the environment, and even produced within the stomach from various foodstuffs, many nitrosamines are known or suspect carcinogens and therefore should be avoided in manufactured goods.



Cosmetics Database continues with specifics of these findings including references.  It also says that use of this ingredient in Canada is restricted in cosmetics.

More Sources:


I understand that it’s antimicrobial, blah blah blah.  But this is just our babies’ BOTTOMS here.  We’re cleaning up poop and pee, not something hazardous.  Sure it may SMELL hazardous sometimes (lol), but it doesn’t require chemicals to keep everything clean.  This really, really bothers me.  I mean, do we feel we need chemicals for our bottoms?  No, everyone uses nothing but toilet paper.  I mean, how clean is that?

Awhile ago I made my own baby wipes using paper towels, olive oil, and essential oils.  I got lazy and started using wipes again but I’m going back to making my own baby wipes.  This is just ridiculous.

Further Reading…

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So what do you think about this?  Do you check your labels thoroughly?

I was totally taken in by the fact they were telling me what the product didn’t have in it.  It looked great at first glance!  I feel a little cheated.  You know, I’m not a complete green and organic girl although I would like to be more health-conscious, but I expect the ingredients in my baby’s products to be safe.  Is that too much to ask?


11 Responses to Nitropropane in Baby Wipes? You’ve GOT to be Kidding Me.

  • Are you kidding me?! That just seems weird… and makes you wonder if those wipes have been in the back warehouse for YEARS and instead of getting rid of them, they are selling them when they shouldn’t be…?

    I haven’t really paid much attention to the ingredients in diapers and wipes, but I guess maybe I should.

    • Well apparently it’s okay to sell them in the US, it’s just in Canada that’s it not okay. I’ve known for awhile that ingredients aren’t the greatest in our cosmetics but I didn’t want to see the word “propane” on baby wipes. Weird.

      • Yea really, if my kiddo’s bum gets near an open flame (which, ya know, SHOULDN’T happen) I don’t want him going up in flames! :)

        It would help if we could get some universal regulations on what’s safe and acceptable and what’s not.

  • Um, that’s no good! I’ll have to check the wipes that I have when I get home….

  • Nooo! My husband refuses to use our cloth wipes and we use Costco wipes. Thanks for this article-I’ll link him to them and try to bribe him to use our cloth wipes.

  • Yikes!! I buy my wipes at Costco too…not anymore though. Thanks for the info!

  • DANG!!! The chemical is in Parent’s Choice Wipes from Wal-Mart. It is time to seriously try to get my daughter potty trained.
    Thanks for the info.!

  • That’s not in the wipes I buy, but it does amaze me what our government regulating agencies here in the US allow into our foods and consumer products that are not allowed in other countries.

  • It’s not in the wipes I use, either, but man! Is that ever scary! Guess I’ll be checking labels a whole lot more closely now.

    I used to make my own wipes, but it was such a pain in the butt. (My butt – not baby’s! LOL!) I’m off to check out your directions and see if they’re less complicated than what I used before.

    • I know, I’m going to be a label-checker, too. My husband will be so annoyed, LOL.

      The easiest way I’ve found was putting the “solution” which can be water, an oil (I like Olive Oil), and an essential oil like lavender in a spray bottle and spraying small strips of paper towel before wiping baby’s bottom. You’d think paper towel would be rough but with the olive oil it isn’t at all! Actually the store-bought wipes are a lot rougher. Let me know if you try it. :) I really like the smell of the essential oils, too – gives me something to concentrate on besides the bad smell, lol.

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