I love creating things with felt, especially during the holidays!  I’m getting started early this year – I was inspired by this fabulous tutorial, Sew a Felt Fox Brooch at LillaLuise, and had to make one!

Or two.  :)

Actually I made three, the first one was kind of my guinea pig fox (ha) and I ended up gluing a googley eye on it and letting Emma play with it.  She thought it was hilarious.  ;-)

Anyway, Lilla Luise even shares a free printable fox template!  And it is totally adorable.  :)

I changed some things around with my foxes – I cute out two of the back template (the one with the tail) and glued them together with tacky glue, then cut out a little triangle-shaped piece of white felt for the ear and added the tail on top of that with a pointed tip.  Until I added the ears I was afraid they looked like skunks.  LOL  So I added the ears for clarification.  ;-)

Just for fun, here’s what I’ve made out of felt in the past:

Felt Christmas Tree Garland (out of scraps)
Christmas Tree Ornaments and Stockings

What have you made with felt?


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