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So what is everyone working on this week? I didn’t do much crafting because I need to go back to the craft store and get more flowers so that I can make more flower hair clips – which is SO much fun, by the way! :-)

I thought for now I would feature a project I’m REALLY excited about and wanting to make. You’ll probably be excited as well, even if you think you’re not “crafty” when you see how easy this is to make!

Easy No-Sew Girl’s Flutter Cape
by Ruffles and Stuff

That’s right, this oh-so-cute creation is NO-SEW! Click on over and you’ll find yourself viewing an excellent photo tutorial, too.

I’m inspired, aren’t you? And this is one of the sweetest capes I’ve ever seen – I absolutely love the style!

A couple more easy no-sew tutorials:

Circle Scarf
No-Sew Tutu Tutorial

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2 Responses to No-Sew Projects {Creative Mamas Monday}

  • My 5 y.o. Daughter and I made Cinnamon Dough Ornies this weekend. They are finally dry so we will be decorating them at the end of the week.

  • That sounds so good, Jen! I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to do these kinds of things together. :-)

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