No wonder I’m forever looking for pacifiers!

I thought the borrowers had taken them…

Yes, that is a pacifier tucked into the speaker. No, I didn’t do it. LOL

My daughter, the pacifier-hider.

Maybe she doesn’t really want them anymore? Yeah right.

She always sucks on them sideways like that. If I straighten it, she spits it out, lol.

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When and how did you wean your children from the pacifier?

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4 Responses to No wonder I can never find any pacifiers…

  • That is so cute! I love the side-ways sucking! Melody was a pacifier-hider too…I used to find them in the strangest locations!

  • Oh, and we weaned from the passy right around two. I slowly took them away until she only had one (she had like 6!) and then cut the tip almost off. She put it in to suck and pulled it back out and said, “passy broke!”. I asked her what she wanted to do with it and she said, “throw away” and that was that! I’m thankful it was so easy!

  • Well, like I mentioned before, my daughter never took to the pacifier. She instead sucked her thumb which she quit doing when she got teeth in. I consider myself pretty lucky.

    LOL… I had a sister who hid her pacifiers everywhere, and guess who had to find them? Yes, me… it got rather annoying lol

  • ohh cute…my daughter never sucked on hers, she always had them half out of her mouth kind of chewing on them instead.

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