I wasn’t sure how it would go over…

but it was a hit! :)

I’m sure it felt good on his teething gums, too.

I used this recipe for homemade baby rice cereal here to cook up the rice cereal for him, then froze it in popsicle molds.


3 Responses to Nothing More Refreshing Than a Rice Cereal Popsicle!

  • Oh my word, he is so stinking cute! And what a fantastic idea!

  • He is definitely enjoying that. What a great idea! I’m about to start on solids in a couple of weeks because Jaxon seems ready. I’m making my own baby food this time after feeding the other from jars & boxes. And I’m not a cook or even very good in the kitchen so this should be a little bit of an adventure for me. I’m glad you are a little ahead of me with homemade rice cereal recipes and ideas for cool popsicles!

    • I’m glad you’re going to try homemade! :) As he gets older and can eat more things you can just grind up whatever you’re eating, too. And those mesh feeders are awesome, I like to put grapes and peaches in them. :)

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