We just returned from visiting family over the holiday – and we drove. A ten-hour drive each way. With a toddler. In a car seat. And we’re all still alive, and even had fun! :-)

Before we left, I did a quick Google search for tips and tricks for keeping toddlers happy on the road. I also wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything important I should be remembering to bring. What I brought ended up being enough, though there were a couple of things I later wished for. They weren’t essential, though.

I’m glad I brought:

  • Lots of toys and board books to give her when she started fussing.
  • Lots of finger food (snacks like Cheerios, Goldfish, raisins, and apple slices).
  • Multiple sippy cups filled with water or milk.
  • Music to listen to that she enjoys.
  • Packages of baby wipes (DO NOT FORGET!).

We left late and drove all night, so Emma slept through most of the trip. That was a good plan.

Anytime Emma did fuss, I found things for her to do – usually playing with toys, eating, or singing to her. She loves songs like The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Pat-a-Cake that she knows the signs for.

Stay tuned for part two of this series! Find out what I wasn’t prepared for on the road trip and how we dealt with it.

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Have you been on a long road trip with your baby or toddler? What helped you get through it? Were there any things you wished you had brought or you were glad you brought with you? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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5 Responses to On the Road With a Toddler (Part 1)

  • This was a great post! Lots of great ideas. We usually fly because of this issue. My toddler is pretty fussy. But I think we could pull off a 5 hour drive…

  • When will AppleBlossom start to enjoy board books/cloth books you think?

  • Glad you had a good time! Baby looked wild eyed for a while, but now it'll be old hat. Lol.

  • The longest trip we took with our kids was to NYC which was a 5 hour drive. They were rather good on the trip, the boys mostly slept and my oldest (only daughter) age 6 was the trouble one, hard to distract with games, toys, etc. She kept asking "how much longer Mama?" But overall it went pretty well both there and back!

  • Great post Lindsey. You pointed out a few things that I may not have thought of such as driving through the night rather than during the day and being sure to bring music she enjoys. I will have to keep that in mind if and when we take our little granddaughter on a lengthy trip. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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