If you’ll recall, in Part 1 of this Toddler Road Trip series I shared about our road trip to California – over nine hours of DRIVING with a toddler! Nope, we weren’t totally insane. I brought a lot of life-saving stuff and our trip was mostly successful. There were a few setbacks, though. In Part 1, I shared what I was glad I brought on our road trip. Now you’ll find out…

What I Wished Fervently I Had Brought:

  • Icy-Hot for my aching shoulders. Seriously, craning my neck to see if my toddler is okay in the back seat was NOT good for the muscles. Fix? Next time she’ll be across from ME so I can reach back and comfort her or hand her toys she’s thrown on the floor. It’ll still hurt probably, but not so bad. ;-) I’ve heard that you should sit in the back with the toddler to make things easier but that’s not always feasible.
  • More garbage bags… you never have enough. Just bring the whole roll.
  • A flashlight. So I could have seen what I was doing at night while trying to clean up a child who threw up all over herself… (and I thought we were so brilliant for driving at night while she would be sleeping!)
  • A remembrall. So I could have remembered not to forget my toddler’s most important things right before we left my in-laws’ house and headed home: her blanket, her glowworm, and one of her sippy cups. We had to go back because there was no way I was going to try to get her to sleep without them…
  • A portable DVD player. We don’t have one, but it would have helped a LOT – lol.
  • Touch-n-Feel board books she had never seen before.

Emma threw up twice – once on the way and once on the way back. Unfortunately on the way back she had a lot more in her stomach (had is the key word) since we had just come from a family get-together at which everyone wanted to feed her something.

These red peppers?

They reappeared later. Yuck.

Is there a toddler cure for car sickness?

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



6 Responses to On the Road With a Toddler (Part 2)

  • You have a blog award waiting for you on my blog.

  • You have yourself a "carsick" child. Dramamine! is what you also forgot. It will help a lot, you may have to check with a pharmasist for age dosages. I didn't know it and my child was 3.5 before I realized that he was getting sick from being in the car, they aren't tall enough to see out the windows and stuff speeds by their heads, it disorients them. When thy are older they can see out and look forward.

  • I just got back from a trip to see my sister who lives 6 hours from me. I drove with my two year old and my 2 month old. My husband had to stay home and work. :( The portable dvd player was a life saver! My 2 month old just slept the whole time which was great and my 2 year old loved being able to watch Dora!

  • ooh – carsickness. Not good.
    I will say that the DVD player has worked out for us – in moderation – gotta be careful about letting them stare at it TOO long. But it's great for one show at a time, maybe.
    Also, ALWAYS keep a toss-your-cookies container in the same spot in the car, so you know exactly where it is when you need it!!
    And my best investment for the car has been books on cd! The kids love to listen to them and they don't have to look at books to keep entertained (even though most of them are actually the read-along ones, we just use the CD by itself when in the car. We use them with the books at home.)
    Your little one looks like she might be a tad young, but you'd be surprised how young they start liking to listen to stories! I've even heard of people making their own read-along books on CD by recording themselves reading – maybe young kids would like that even more! I haven't tried it yet, though. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the tips! I'll remember how much nicer a car ride will be with a portable dvd player and the dramamine!

  • Yeah, I'll have to second the the whole roll of garbage bags…in fact I think I should just wrap the whole van in a garbage bag sometimes. lol

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