Have you ever heard of BunnyEars.TV? Well, I hadn’t either – just wait till you hear what it’s all about!

But first, I have to tell you that it’s all free and all online. There, aren’t you relieved? ;-) And excited, I hope!

About BunnyEars:

Hello, and a warm welcome to BunnyEars.tv, a web TV station for children ages 3 and up! We hope that you and your children will enjoy our collection of children’s animation from around the world. For those of you new to the site, a bit of background on how it all started: part of my childhood was spent in Hungary, where children’s cartoons were broadcast only at bedtime and were watched by literally every child with a television, followed by bedtime. As a parent of a child who didn’t understand the idea of bedtime, I was ready to try anything, and those cartoons that put several generations of Hungarian children to sleep seemed worth a try. So it was that I tracked down Esti Mese Macko, the Hungarian Bedtime Story Bear. When all else had failed, the thought was that perhaps a nightly bedtime cartoon, one with a gentle, old-fashioned story, might help. Plus, ostalgie was kicking in. More on that in the blog…..

We have searched and searched to bring the best programs to you and your children, from long ago and far away. We hope you like them and hope that you will hop in often!

Writing from BunnyEars.tv in Toronto, Canada

Judy Blumstock

Wanna see an example of the programming?


Go to about 2 minutes and it’ll get to the animated characters…

Programs Available
(I hadn’t heard of any of these, but they’re super cute!):

Chapi Chapo (France)
Munk and Lemmy (Latvia)
Dorothy and Her Parrot (Czech Republic)
The Clangers (UK)
Bagpuss (UK)

About Programming:

A bit of background on how we work: we have daytime and bedtime episodes from around the globe which we change every Wednesday! We find that this gives children a chance to see each episode several times during the week which they often like to do (AGAIN! AGAIN!). We stream our programs on demand, which means you can watch anytime, and the weekly episodes are free to watch. We hope you and your children will enjoy!

Other Fun Features:

They have an art gallery in which they feature art that children send them by mail, a Donkey Page dedicated to Odin the donkey in which children can count the donkeys in a streaming video, and a place to listen to the theme songs of the children’s programs (you know your kids will love that!).

More BunnyEars Links

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Join the BunnyEars Newsletter

I watched one of the children’s programs and they are so cute! You click on either the sun or moon for programs to be watched during daytime or nighttime, which I think is a really great idea. I definitely recommend you go check them out. They look like they’d delight any child! And if you watch them because they delight you, I won’t tell. ;-)

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



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