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I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating.

I have been a fan of OshKosh B’Gosh’s clothing for children since my little ones were babies – the quality, the style selection, and the fit is wonderful!  So when I was recently given the opportunity to share their new Spring 2014 styles with you guys, I was pleased as punch.  I have never been sorry after purchasing this brand!

We were provided with $100 to spend at an OshKosh store near us and as soon as I received the gift card we all (kids included) jumped in the car and headed toward the nearest OshKosh store which happened to be in an outlet store mall.  I LOVE outlet stores, don’t you?  My mom came with me on this trip and so it turned out to be a pretty special outing, especially for the kids!  We split up right away, my mom heading toward the big girls’ section with Emma while I moved to the baby boy’s section with Isaac.

Boys Spring Line @ OshKosh

Seesucker Citrus  OshKosh B'gosh - Google Chrome 2102014 10012 PM.bmp  Sea Monster Style  OshKosh B'gosh - Google Chrome 292014 54342 PM.bmpHickory Stripe Denim Romper  OshKosh B'gosh - Google Chrome 292014 54554 PM.bmp

Isaac is pretty minimally interested in clothes shopping but on the drive over he asked if we would be able to find a shirt with a monster truck on it and I told him I hoped so and would help him look.  Well, you can imagine how thrilled we were to find that one of the Spring 2014 graphic tees featured a monster truck!  Looking around the boys’ area I saw many cute styles for boys, some of our favorites being their polos, button-up shirts, and pin-stripe overalls.  Isaac is really into striped shirts lately, so we of course grabbed one of those. Our final choices were the graphic tee, a comfy striped pocket t-shirt, a pair of 5-pocket jeans, a hat, and a pair of shoes.  We actually already had the shoes ($9) in a smaller size and different color, so I was happy to find them on clearance along with the hat ($3).  Their clearance racks were packed with cooler weather styles and the prices were awesome!

Isaac’s Haul


 Girls Spring Line @ OshKosh

After Isaac and I were finished shopping, we joined the girls in the fun part of the store (in my opinion!).  Oh my, the girls tunics and leggings are totally in this year and I LOVE the styles!  Lots of lace, low waists, babydoll style tops which are so feminine and works well for many ages.  I am not a fan of little girls looking like immodest teenagers, so I was very pleased with the selection.  :)

Pretty in Poppies  OshKosh B'gosh - Google Chrome 292014 54119 PM.bmp Pretty & Pintucked  OshKosh B'gosh - Google Chrome 292014 54215 PM.bmpTiered Denim Jumper  OshKosh B'gosh - Google Chrome 292014 54442 PM.bmp

This was one of the first times that Emma took enough interest in shopping to pick out her own outfits, and although she liked many that I suggested, she didn’t hesitate to inform me if she preferred a different color or pattern.  As you can see below, pink is a definite theme for her – she is my little pink-lover!  But she also looks so good in blues, especially the hue that is in this year’s Spring lines!  Emma ended up with TWO pairs of shoes from the clearance section (both of which sparkle to her excitement – $9 each!), two tunic tops, a pair of capris with pockets, and a pair of comfy leggings.  And the quality of the clothing is excellent, as usual.  :)

Emma’s Haul


And her other pair of sparkly shoes:


My Thoughts On The Prices + A Coupon For You!

Between the clearance prices, the 20% off coupon I had with me, and the fact that everything in the store was 40% off in-store while we were there, our $100 went very far!  Normally I go straight to the clearance section when shopping for clothes in-store but I was able to buy Emma and Isaac some of the popular new styles out on display, and I was very pleased about that.  Each child received two pairs of pants/leggings/shorts, two tops each, one to two pairs of shoes, and Isaac picked out the cute red hat (that he refuses to take off).  That’s multiple outfits for each child, 12 items!  While I was there I also bought each child socks and underwear, so that took me a little over $100.  But the prices were really excellent.  I also earned $20 to spend before the end of March for spending $100, so we’re going to be heading back there again soon!  :)

If you have an OshKosh store nearby (here’s their store locator), I highly recommend you check it out – it’s worth it for the clearance alone.  If not, you can still find some great deals by shopping OshKosh online.  The coupon below is good for in-store or online.  :)

 Never miss a coupon or sale!

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2 Responses to The Kids Rock an OshKosh Photo Shoot (Spring Styles Galore!)

  • Super cute clothes and pics! :) I bet shopping with little girls is special… I have to enjoy it thru the lives of others! LOL Thanks for the coupon ~ will try to use online, as I think our nearest actual store is a couple hours away.

  • they are so adorable! an becoming good models too,,you can tell they like the new clothes,,we love shopping at Oshkosh,they always have cute clothes for kiddos

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