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10 Fun Family Christmas Traditions

I love Christmastime!

The decorations, the activities, the flurry of activity, the buzz of excitement from the kids.  Here I share our favorite Christmas traditions with you and hope you’ll share yours in the comments!

#1.  Make and decorate a gingerbread house (or train in our case last year).

Christmas Traditions for Kids

They look rather impatient to eat it, don’t they?  ;-)  Well, those store-bought kits don’t taste as good as homemade gingerbread but it was sure fun to decorate.  And it turned out really cute.  Maybe one year I’ll make it all myself.  Maybe.

#2.  Hang our nativity ornaments.

Christmas Traditions for Kids

I have a mini tree that I hang these mini ornaments on every year.  I love them!  I bought them last year but for the life of me can’t remember where… probably Joann Fabrics.

#3.  Set up Christmas village.

Christmas Traditions for Kids

This one is SO popular with the kids.  :)  They love setting it up and moving things around.

#4. Christmas Quilt

Christmas Traditions for Kids

This “quilt” is a very pretty wall hanging.  It’s become our TV cover/display.  ;-)  I had wanted it for years, and finally it went on sale at a couple years ago!

#5.  Get a real Christmas tree!

Christmas Traditions for Kids

The whole Christmas Tree Farm experience is a must!  So much fun.  :)  Some farms have live nativities, hot cocoa, and other activities, too!

#6.  Give to someone in need.

Christmas Traditions for Kids

We’ve done this the last two years.  Our church has little cards with a child’s name, age, and Christmas wishes on it, and we buy/make a gift.  The year before last it was a little girl who was 4 years old just like Emma, and last year it was a little girl who was 3 years old from a family who was homeless.

#7.  MAKE gifts for family/friends.

Christmas Traditions for Kids

I believe that making gifts for friends and family greatly reduces holiday stress for us.  First of all because I love to sew and make things people will use, and second because I’m not trying to buy amazing gifts for everyone I know.  I’d be broke if I did that!  Making gifts can be spendy but I would be spending a lot more if I was buying them for everyone.  Last year I made pillowcases and some other small things.  In the picture above, Emma is coloring on cardstock cut into rectangles so we can laminate them and give them as bookmarks!

One of my pillowcases


#8.  Advent Activities – Read a Christmas Book Every Night & Enjoy an Interactive App


These are some of the Christmas books we have collected over time. I usually wrap them and put them under the tree, then let the kids unwrap one every night to read together.  This is such a fun tradition.  :)  I didn’t wrap them this year because I’m being lazy about it, and am brainstorming some kind of reusable holder for them.  Or maybe I will make a reusable gift bag and put one in it each night.


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I also found this wonderful iPad app, the Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar.  You can choose from the Village theme or London theme.  My mom has purchased the desktop versions for us in the past and Emma was glued to the screen, so I knew it would be a good buy ($1.99 for each).

Advent Calendar Online

The music is lovely, the graphics are impressive, and the whole experience is magical!  The cool part is there are fun interactive activities throughout – Emma is creating snowflakes that will fall over the village in the photo above.  It is SO well-done.  Worth much more than $1.99!

#9.  Make and Decorate Christmas Cookies!

creative christmas cookie decorating

We had too much fun one year making these crazy colorful sugar cookies.  I want to do this again.  :)

#10.  Set up the Nativity.

I actually painted this myself so it’s extra special because of that.  :)  I found this at Joann Fabrics in their clearance section one year.  I love that place!  Someday soon I would like to get a set that the kids can play with – this one they want to touch but little pieces are chipping off here and there when I let them.

I would love to know what your holiday traditions are!



3 Responses to 10 Fun Family Christmas Traditions!

  • We have some similar traditions, but I take my daughter for a ladies day or night and go to see the Nutcracker ballet. I think that one is my favorite of all our traditions.

  • some really good traditions you have ,,,we took our oldest granddaughter with us this year to get our tree,,an then she helped decorate it for me cause I was sick,,,she had a blast an we got to spend some good quality time together,,she is 13 an im thinking this is a good tradition to start with her as the oldest grandchild of soon to be 13 grandkids,,it would make her feel special

  • Some of those we do, but not all. I have been saying for a long time that I would make homemade gingerbread houses, but then I think man, it is too much work lol. This year I am letting the kids help to make cookies for the airmen in the dorms. Figured that could be a new tradition

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