Favorite Early Readers for Little Ones

We are ready for Level 1 and 2 readers, yay!  I’m hoping that this list (in no particular order) will give you a place to start if your little ones are learning to read as well, and that you’ll share your children’s favorite early readers (any level) as well.  :)

Note:  The books in this post all link to Amazon and contain my affiliate link.

1.  Little Bear

I must start with Little Bear readers – these are Emma’s favorites!
(The animated television show is cute, too!)



2.  Disney Characters

Disney Princess readers  were not MY first pick, but Emma loves them….
She’s all about princesses right now, and if these will motivate her to read I’ll buy them!  ;-)

beginner readers


3.  BOB Books

We have the BOB Books Beginning Readers Kindergarten and First Grade Sight Words sets and Emma loves the fact that she can read them all!  They came with stickers and flashcards, too.  For very beginning reading I recommend these.  They’re not necessarily the most exciting stories, but for the new reader it’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to read through the simple stories.

Reading BOB Sight Words Books


4.  Biscuit

Emma is a huge fan of Biscuit Early Readers!  This cute little puppy has wormed her way into all our hearts.  :)
Woof, woof!


Don’t you love the illustrations?



5.  Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss books are a must for a beginning reader!  Hop on Pop is a favorite because the words are simple and there are many rhyming sounds.  Other recommendations are Go Dog Go, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, and Fox in Socks.

early readers


6.  Frog and Toad

Frog and Toad books are both witty and entertaining.  Great selection for boys, too!



6.  The Golly Sisters

The Golly Sisters is a series my sister and I read together when we were little, and now Emma and I are reading them!  These two sisters are crazy and fun.  Gotta love Betsy Byars.  :)

Early Beginning Readers for Kids


7.  Classic Readers

Here are some classic early readers that we love:

 1morris 51eV92TyppL

danny-and-the-dinosaur 1harry

 What are your child’s favorite early readers?



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  • This is a great list! Aren’t you glad she loves to read so much!!! We are still moving through the Bob Books and the other day he read Go Dog Go! :0 It was exciting! I think he was motivated to read it because we were able to go see a live children’s play about it and it was so very funny!

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