First Day of Kindergarten

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We had a GREAT first day.  :)  Isaac didn’t give me any trouble at all (awesome, right?) and Emma really enjoyed pretty much every part of it!  On Monday we had a celebration day – breakfast was berry pancakes with whipped cream, I painted her face (I thought that would be a fun tradition!), we took our First Day of School pictures, we made a special dinner and dessert, and she opened a gift bag with some special school supplies in it.  So yes, school was built up in a positive way.  ;-)



We started out Tuesday morning with a kind of circle time that includes our Bible reading and memorization time, reading a poem, going over a number of the week (this is mainly for Isaac’s benefit – we clap the number, find it on the abacus, write it down, and use counters), and having calendar time which includes finding today’s date and drawing the weather on the wall calendar, and writing the date on the whiteboard.

Love this Mary Engelbreit Nursery Rhymes book! (Why must she always pose with her tongue out?  She is a goofball!)


Next was math which included a written number word search and finding patterns with car counters (Isaac is playing with them in the photo below), then read The Adventures of Buster Bear by Thornton Burgess.  Emma asked me to keep reading, she really enjoys Burgess books!


In The Adventures of Buster Bear, there is an otter catching a fish (Buster ends up eating it – the fish, not the otter!) and Emma didn’t quite have the picture of an otter in her mind, so out came my iPad.  I found a video showing otters catching fish so we watched that.  Lots of oohing and aahing over their talent at catching fish!


We attempted narration but Emma was having a hard time with the speaking part (which NEVER happens, haha) so she drew a picture of Buster Bear and Joe Otter catching fish instead.  :)


Next was nature study – we looked through the Questions and Answers Encyclopedia at the page that shares a few facts about how flowers develop and what they need to grow.  It shows a poppy from bud to bloom and we just happened to be growing poppies ourselves so we went outside and brought in a bud and dissected it.  All of the parts of the flower are waiting inside the bud, soon to emerge and flower in the warm sun!

Well, as long as they aren’t used for a science experiment, anyway.  ;-)

We looked through Come Look at Me at the different master artist renditions of children – it was the first time we’ve talked about different art styles and about the talent of some amazing artists.  Here she is giggling at a Picasso painting:


We also read The Seven Little Sisters Who Live on the Round ball that Floats.  I’m honestly not sure if I like this book.  It is a sweet way to show how children in different parts of the world live but I wish it went into a little more detail or something.  Maybe we need to read further, though.  Any suggestions for good living books that could be used for geography and learning about different cultures?  OH, I just remembered that I have the Yesterday’s Classics Twins series!  We might try one of those – here’s Eskimo Twins free online.

Startwrite worksheet

We also did a reading lesson in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and she practiced her handwriting.  Which reminds me… check out these great worksheets I made with a program called StartWrite!  I am really excited about this – I won a gift certificate to Educents not long ago and this is what I used part of it on ($27.99).  I can customize everything!  Colors, fonts, line and dot width, outlines, I can add pretty pictures –  it is just so cool!  If you go to the website you can download a free trial.

At the end of the day I asked Emma what her favorite part of the school day was and she said it was the handwriting and word search she did.  I really didn’t think handwriting would be a favorite but that’s awesome!

DSC_0047 copy

I know there will be ups and downs, but I’m looking forward to our days ahead.  :-)

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15 Responses to Our First Day of School – Looks Like It’s Going to Be a Fun Year!

  • Yay for your first day! BTW we loved Buster Bear! I had to go to the computer often to show the kids pictures of the different animals and where they lived. They especially loved the thicket that Peter Rabbit lived in. I think Peter always has been and always will be their favorite. And we have the same globe you do. Went to Mardel’s and paid $8 instead of the $30-$40 for the “regular” globe =)

    • Those Burgess books are the best, I know! I remember reading them as a child and loving them, too. :)

      That globe… it already has a hole in it. Blah. And I was so careful, didn’t let the kids play ball with it like they wanted to, lol. Guess I’ll keep my eye out for a regular globe at Goodwill or somewhere!

      • Ohh man don’t say that! LoL my kids have been looking at the globe so I know a hole is coming soon. My hubby threw away the “patch” kit and I made him dig it out just in case we need it. Probably won’t work though. I got a coupon from Mardel the other day. I will have to print it out and get a real globe on sale =). Hope you can find a regular one at Goodwill.

  • I’m so glad your first day went well! It looks like Isaac was having just as much fun, if not more, than Emma :) That last picture is hilarious!!!! :) I look forward to keeping up with your journey!

    • I know, I reeeally love that last pic. ;-) I had to make faces to get them to laugh (good thing there are no pictures of THAT!). And the second day went even better! :)

  • Thanks for sharing. I have been curious how a whole homeschool day would actually go. I am considering it for us. Impressive sharpie collection btw. And I love Isaac in that last pic, it’s great.

    • Haha, thanks. My mom gave me those sharpies, they’re awesome! And for Kindergarten this day was a little too much I think… I felt like we jumped around a little too much! The rest of the week we did a little less each day and I let her lead – we’re getting our groove and feeling better about it. :) It helps that I printed out what we planned to do the whole WEEK and then when we didn’t get everything done one day we did it another day. I only have school scheduled for four days so that gives us a little leeway.

      Plus this is Kindergarten, we are flexible. :) I’m seeing that I could have planned a lot less than I did and just go with whatever Emma is interested in, writing down what we learn as we go. Oh well, it’s all a learning experience!

      • Yes that seems to be a lot of what I have been reading and learning. It’s a bit of this a bunch of that and go as you feel. However that doesn’t make it less overwhelming.

  • I love homeschooling!! This looks like a great fun filled day learning! I love eclectic style too. It is so much fun just going with the flow of the day and the whole flexibility of it is wonderful!

    • I agree, I love being able to sort of “go with the flow”. :) If Emma is especially interested in something we can take the time to do a little extra research, not be tied to the schedule.

  • Thanks for sharing your first day. I’m considering home-schooling my kids in the future, but not sure if I could really “do it.” You are an inspiration to me!

    • There are so many wonderful resources online nowadays – it really is doable! :) I was a little stressed out planning at first but once we actually jumped in… well, it was all worth it and I’m learning to be flexible. I’m glad I’m inspiring you. :)

  • Those handwriting worksheets are great! The color blocks will be so helpful in showing where parts of the letters go. And that last picture is PRICELESS!! :)

    • I switched from a handwriting program to making our own worksheets because of that! It’s so much easier to figure out where the letters go now – no more frustration. :) Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment!

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