You know those glass jars you get when you buy pasta sauces or jam?  Yeah, I keep all of those.  I actually love to drink water out of jars – I swear it tastes better.  But my cupboard was getting crowded, so I decided it was time to do something fun with them. So I pulled them out, grabbed some of Emma’s paints, water, and paintbrushes, and said, “There ya go, honey.  Have fun!”

Oh my word, this is fun for a 3-year-old.  Okay, it was fun for me, too.  I may or may not have split the jars up evenly so we could both paint.  ;-)

We put tea lights inside each one (the big jar actually fit three of them!) and turned the lights off to enjoy the show.  Emma loved it!

Ready to dig into your cupboards for some glass jars?  If you don’t have any, I recommend checking out thrift stores – I’ve come across some awesome glasses and jars for very cheap there.

Note: If there is any worry about heat, you can use batter-powered tea lights!  Thanks to readers Penny and Kim for the suggestion.  :)


11 Responses to Painted Jars Make Gorgeous Tea Lights! (Preschool-friendly Craft Idea)

  • Those are really pretty and a fun idea, but please be careful! That type of glass isn’t the right kind of glass to be used for candles and can easily shatter from the heat. That happened to my mom before and we found out that candle holders take a special kind of glass. I think they make battery operated tea lights, though, that would work great with this project!


  • we did something similar with tissue paper and glue. Very pretty and if there is a worry about heat, they sell the battery powered lights lots of places but the also look pretty with sunshine and a windows ledge!

    • Now there’s a reason to keep tissue paper around. :) I usually throw that away when it’s given to me in gift bags but I know there are fun crafts you can do with it. I’m remembering a sun catcher project I saw somewhere, too…

      Thanks for commenting!

  • How pretty! What a great idea. I’ll have to save some jars and let the kids do this. They would love it!

  • Those are beautiful! :) So much fun

  • love love this idea I have everything to get started my girl will be so excited to see her art work all lit up. thank you for sharing.

  • I have another suggestion to avoid the candles because of the safety. Consider using those small lights for Christmas decorations. If you put them all into the jar and turn them all up, they will make interesting lighting for your project.

    There’s only the problem of the cord coming out of it, but there are some creative ways to deal with that.

  • me and some staff done leafs and glue.

  • Instead of using the painted jars as candleholders, you can use them as vases for wildflowers or even tissue paper flowers or different types of hand-made ones.

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