I just love sunny days, don’t you?  Today we tried something I’ve been wanting to do but the weather hasn’t been cooperating.  That’s what living in a state known for its constant rain (but beautiful green foliage) does to you – it makes you appreciate sunny days like never before!  So here’s what we did.

Painted our patio!

This is the COOLEST (and cheapest) paint ever – it’s just equal parts cornstarch and water with food coloring added.  It dries looking just like sidewalk chalk and is a lot of fun to paint with!  I found this recipe here.

We experimented a bit.  We splattered paint and it looked really cool!

Emma decided to try painting with her hands.  I don’t recommend this since it doesn’t wash off as well as I had hoped (food coloring, duh).

We tried painting rocks.

Then I was distracted by a rather loud songbird on our roof.

And my cute little boy who really needed a good picture with mommy.

Emma had just as much fun rinsing off the paint as she did actually painting.

We can highly recommend this fun summer activity!  Go find a sidewalk and PAINT!  Don’t worry, it washes off awesomely with water without leaving stains.  :)


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