- Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free.

(This is not an ad, I LOVE and want to share it with you!)

I totally forgot to tell you all in my post explaining how works that that you get TWO free credits (each credit is good for any book on the site) just for posting your first ten books when you sign up! That means that as soon as you find the ISBN number on the back of your books and list them on PBS as available to trade, two credits will be put in your account! So easy and totally gets you hooked.

Some other cool things I didn’t mention:

♥ Signing up is easy – all you need is a valid mailing address and valid email account!
♥ Every book you receive is yours to keep, you do NOT have to swap it again.
♥ provides a wrapper with the recipient’s address and your return address (should you choose to put that on the wrapper) – all you do is print it!
♥ Most of the time it’ll cost $2-3 to mail one book. Each credit costs $3.45.

Any questions? If you sign up, let me know what wonderful books you get! :-)

Here is a sampling of what is available (there are currently 3,568,760 books posted right now): - Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free.

Oh and by the way, this same concept works with

Thank you sooo much for sharing this post! :-)



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  • I was about to post and comment that the DVD swap site is also great- but I see you mentioned it there. The thing I like about the two sites is that you can move book credits to the DVD site. It's a 3 book credits=2 DVD credit swap, but not bad. I've been using both sites for a while now, and love them, especially for kids books and DVDs, which are so expensive!

  • Thanks, Carrie! It is awesome, and I love that you can move credits back and forth, too! :-)

  • I ADORE paperback swap. I need to go thru my books now and post some more. I'm down to ZERO credits! *gasp*

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