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All of these books are available on right now! I’m excited, I love Mary Engelbreit! Check out these lovely books, then I’ll tell you how Paperbackswap works if you don’t know – SO easy, I love it!

This is not an ad, just so you know. I found Paperbackswap (PBS) when I was looking for a book that was rare and hard to find. Guess what? I found it through PBS! The reason I love PBS is because you SWAP your own books with other people, you don’t even have to buy them if you don’t want to. My husband was thrilled about this because I have too many books already (according to him anyway). ;-) Anyway, all you have to pay for is shipping your book out and you get a credit, which you can then use to order another book. See where obsession could come in? ;-)

If you don’t want to swap out any of your own books, though, you can buy credits – each credit is $3.45 and you can get any book on the entire site for that price. Sounds great, huh? It is! You can also get audiobooks for two credits each. *sigh* I love PBS. It makes me happy. lol

Oh, did I mention you can wishlist books that aren’t available at the time you’re looking? I have a huge wishlist and have saved so much money with PBS. In fact, it’s kept track for me: I’ve saved $837.00! Hm, what should I do with all that money I’ve saved? (I know, too much I Love Lucy). ;-)

Click on the banner below to visit PBS and sign up yourself, it’s sooo easy! And if use johnsgirl as your referral, I’ll love you forever! :-)

If you join and have any questions, send me an email, I would love to help out! And I’d love to hear about all the awesome books you’re getting, too. ♥ - Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free.

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2 Responses to Paperbackswap – Excellent Deals on these Mary Engelbreit Books!

  • Ooooooohhhh…those books are right up my alley. I am a crafty person in every way. I would love owning a book that teaches me even more way to decorate and craft….
    Haha, I should add that to my Christmas wish list!

  • Wow I haven't saved nearly that much, but a couple hundred. You have saved a crazy amount. I love PBS but don't use it often, I should go check out their kids books.

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