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* Paris is a great jumping off point for a river cruise
* River cruises are very affordable vacations
* Great food and service on river cruise ships
* The cruise line gave us 3-nights in Paris for free!

My wife and I were thinking about going to Paris and taking a driving trip for about two weeks in France. We started planning and could not get over the fact of how expensive everything was, our moderate hotel was over $600 a night plus 22% tax and that did not include anything, but clean sheets. Then we talked with a friend who recently went to Paris and she told me that dinner in Paris at a good, not great restaurant would set us back about $250. So we added up the costs and said, nope, not in our budget this year. When you added it all up we were talking about $15-20,000 plus airfare.

Then, we got an education from a friend who travels a lot, about an Seine River cruise. She told us they just returned from an extraordinary vacation that also included the Avalon Waterways to France and the beautiful Rhone and Saone rivers. They ate like royalty, had incredible tours and even complimentary wine and/or beer each night at dinner.

She went on to say their cruise included everything, gourmet cuisine, sensational sightseeing in each port by well-traveled and knowledgeable English speaking tour guides, some lunches off the ship and much, much more. She told us to contact a river cruise specialist at Premier River Cruises. We then found their “Mr. River Cruise,” Doug who gave us the real scoop. Not only was the trip now affordable, we realized that we could do the river cruise and before the cruise, Avalon Waterways, which includes a free three night stay in a deluxe Paris hotel. The final price was less than half of what we would have paid for a “driving” trip through France. Even better for me, we also were able to experience the high-speed TGV from Paris to our ship in Lyon, oh yes, included in the price.

This was a great idea and we can’t wait till our July departure. We’re all booked, used a sensational river cruise specialist, Premier River Cruises, to reserve the perfect cabin for my wife and I. Given that the price of our cruise is in dollars, not Euros, we saved so much, we could even upgrade to a balcony cabin.

We’ve been on lots of ocean cruises and really have become tired of so many people and such long lines. We’re looking forward to traveling with only 150 or so folks who are there for the same reason we are, to take it all in at an affordable price.

If we like it, and I’m sure we will given our lust for French food and wine, we’re already thinking about expanding our horizons and taking either a Holland River cruise or an Eastern Europe river cruise on our next vacation.

Why not consider one for your next vacation. Premier River Cruises has been selling cruise vacations since 1984. They are river cruise specialists who can help you plan an extraordinary river cruise vacation.


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