peppa pig my birthday party

Peppa Pig is a cute, simple cartoon for small children featuring a family of pigs – specifically Peppa, her little brother George, and her parents.  In Peppa  Pig: My Birthday Party, Peppa and her little animal friends go through a series of mini adventures including perform in a school play, go to a ballet lesson, wash the family car together, and more.  

So how did my kids like it?  My daughter Emma was charmed by the fact that it features a big sister and little brother (in bunk beds like hers, no less) and she laughed at the snorting each character does throughout each short episode, but she felt that it was a little too silly for her (though she still will watch it with Isaac).  I think it’s geared toward a younger audience than the 6/7 crowd even though it says it is recommended for that age range.  2-4 is more accurate I would say. Isaac was pretty much glued to the screen laughing at the antics of the pig family and shared that his favorite episode was the one where Papa Pig gets stuck in the slide trying to show Peppa’s little brother that the slide was safe to play on.  Personally, I can appreciate the warm family atmosphere, the fact that the piglets are polite, the values like friendship and humor being instilled, and the British accents.  I also get a kick out of the papa pig’s facial hair and mama pig’s eyelashes!  The animation is colorful though simple and leaves much to be desired if you’re used to fancy 3-D movies, but there is a charm to the 2-D look – it’s like a picture book coming to life.

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The Peppa Pig: My Birthday Party DVD features 14 episodes. It also contains “Learn the Alphabet” and “Learn to Count” episodes in the DVD extras… I really, really, REALLY like this.  :)

peppa pig my birthday party

Want It?

If you want to order it online, it’s at (retails for $14.98 there but I recently saw it for only $6.00 so keep an eye on that one!).  It’s also available in stores like Walmart, Target, and Barnes and Noble.

Click here for a free printable Peppa Pig Coloring Sheet!

Disclosure:  I was sent Peppa Pig: My Birthday Party so that I would be able to share my thoughts on it with my readers!  The opinions I have given are 100% mine based on my experiences.  My amazon affiliate link is embedded in this post.


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