Today I’m going to share a couple of quick photography tips!  I’m still a beginner myself, but I’ve learned a few things by reading photography blogs (I Heart Faces is awesome) and playing around with my camera endlessly.  My husband complains that I’m taking photos all of the time, and it’s true!  I’ve caught some beauties by accident that way, too. So…

Tip #1

Take a lot of photos, and don’t be discouraged if you think you’re not getting any “good ones”.  The nice thing about digital cameras is that photos are easy to delete, but don’t be too quick with the delete button!  Check out this photo:

I was disappointed with this one because it’s the perfect angle but the lighting doesn’t look very good and it’s a little bit blurry.


Look what a bit of tweaking did!

And, believe it or not, I did all of the tweaking in the free Picasa 3 photo editor, which is pretty limited but still great for quick editing.

Tip #2:

Play around with cropping your photo.  I know that it can be tempting to crop everything in the background out, but sometimes it looks better and gives the photo a bit of atmosphere if you leave some background in.  Case in point:

I like the last one the best because I think the fence in the background adds atmosphere to the photo.  It makes me wonder what she’s thinking as she heads that way, too.


2 Responses to Two Quick Photography and Photo Editing Tips

  • Second the motion of taking LoTs and lOtS of photos. Camera memory is very inexpensive and if your camera will not hold many photos, invest (10.00 or 20.00) in a new memory card. I would suggest a 2 gigabyte card at least!!

    A larger card will also help you to take higher quality photos. Make sure that your camera is set to one of the highest quality options. This will allow you to do more with the photos that you have taken!!

    Happy Picture Taking!

  • Such cute photos of your baby girl! I am a budding photographer too…. ( slowly ) I love Picasa … it has saved a few of my disappointing photos too!
    .-= JennD.´s last blog ..Wednesday’s Word ~ Opportunity =-.

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