I bought a package of this stuff when it was on sale at Zulily not long ago.  I wasn’t sure about it – there were very mixed reviews.  It seems like people either love it or hate it.  But it was a great price (I believe it was $6, regularly $20 for this package).  Well, we LOVE it!  So I knew I had to share our thoughts and Emma’s creations with you.  Note that this post is not sponsored in any way – I purchased the PlayFoam myself.

Here’s what I got:

And here is Emma exploring it for the first time:

What is PlayFoam?

It’s a non-toxic moldable foam medium – it reminds me of tiny Styrofoam balls that are held together with something sticky.  But not sticky on the hands at all!  It comes in many colors and never ever dries out.  It’s really a blast to play with!

Especially if you happen to have a large supply of googly eyes on hand.  ;-)

So we made some monsters, a caterpillar, and letters from the alphabet….

Oh, and a lovely hat…

and a birthday cake.

Other things we’ve done with it are:

Make a big ball and play catch
Make “cookies” (with a rolling pin), use cookie cutters to cut out shapes
Shape it into a snake and let her practice cutting with a knife

It really is versatile and as you can see it doesn’t look bad when all the colors are mixed together, unlike play dough and paint.  ;-)  Why is it so hard to get preschoolers to keep colors separate?

The only thing that concerns me is that it’s a choking hazard for babies and Isaac will pick up whatever he sees and immediately put it in his mouth .  So we’re really careful about keeping an eye on her projects and making sure small sections don’t fall on the floor.

Emma asks for her PlayFoam every day – she really is taken by it, and so am I since it can’t ever dry out.  She can leave it in a ball on the table and wake up the next morning finding it perfectly play-worthy.

Have you ever played with PlayFoam?  What do you think of it?


6 Responses to PlayFoam: Our Thoughts On It and Cool Play Ideas

  • I have never played with or bought this. I’ve always wondered how messy it will be. I hate playdoh, but of course the kids love it. This looks like it would be great! I also love how the colors still look nice when mixed together. I think I will get each of the kids a thing of this for their stockings this year!

    And I love your caterpillar!!!

  • I don’t even want to imagine the mess that would appear if I let my boy play with something like this :))

  • I have never even heard of it! I think I need to buy some for the kids at church to play with (at an appropriate play time, haha!). My kids loved playdough and I used to let them play with it on the dining room table, far away from any rugs, lol!

  • I own Playfoam and LOVE it! I have the 20-pack. It is so very versatile. I’ve used it with my kindergartners to help form their letters and sight words, and they love to squish and form it (they don’t know that it’s good for their developing hands!). My college-aged brother was just using it today to make a model of DNA. So really, it’s good for all ages!

  • We have used this and it’s great! The Nickelodeon Floam is the worst product EVER! It’s so sticky you can’t even play with it.
    I have been looking for this brand and can’t find it. My sister gave some to my girls last year and it came in a little plastic carrier with tons of little eyes, arms, legs and shoes. Does anyone know where you can purchase this?


    • Hi Elizabeth!

      I JUST bought another big play pack (like in the first picture) for the kids for Christmas through Zulily so I definitely recommend signing up there. As soon as you have signed up, type “Educational Insights” into the search bar and add their brand to your favorites (it’s on the top of the page after you search, you click the little heart). They’ll email you when Educational Insights is featured in another sale!

      You can also find it on Amazon.com here: http://amzn.to/TqPmOa

      Your comment came through right as I was watching Emma play with playfoam (she’s singing while using a rolling pin and cookie cutters on it) so it was great timing, lol. It never gets boring! :)

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