Last night I was overcome by Emma’s cuteness.  Amazing how even your own kid can make you go “awwww”.

I’ve been fascinated with how early babies can appreciate playing mommy.  Emma was only about a year, maybe younger, when she first started rocking and patting her baby doll.  I couldn’t believe that it started so early!

So last night I pulled Emma’s baby doll out of a cupboard and told her it was time to feed the baby.

I guess she hasn’t forgotten that she’s still a baby, too.  ;-)

Oh, and check out that stained white shirt, too… it’s really a very funny story.  I hesitated before putting it on her (WHITE), but thought, “Oh, I’ll take it off before I feed her anything.”  So what do I do next?  Give her her sippy cup.  Which, of course, contains JUICE.  And what does Emma do next?  Proceed to spit it all out on herself.  On purpose.  Did she know or what?  lol


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