A friend of mine let me play around with her VERY nice (drool-worthy) camera yesterday and I got some awesome pics of the kids!  It was also a beautiful sunny day (for a change) which made it that much more fun.  :)

This little taste of summer got me excited about the upcoming warm weather!


One Response to A Little Taste of Summer (and a NICE Camera)

  • Very cute! I love that one where Emma is looking at the camera like “Yeah, I’m adorable” and the last one where Isaac is making off with the bubbles. I feel like we are already in summer here. We’ve been wearing shorts and tank tops for a couple of weeks, with no signs of a cold spell anytime soon. It kind of makes me scared of summer. When it’s 88-92 degrees outside in late March/early April…what is it going to feel like in July?

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