My kids love – LOVE – bubbles.  Someone is always sneaking bubbles from the sink while I wash dishes, and Isaac had been begging to have a “car wash” inside again.  It was beautiful outside so I decided to take it outside instead… but on a much bigger scale than last time!  So out came the kiddie pool…


And the dishwashing liquid, and the toys…


I had no idea this would be SUCH a hit!  I wondered, why didn’t I do this before?


Isaac washed his helicopter…


and his motorcycle.


They both “washed the dishes”.  Why does washing dishes look so fun to kids?  Obviously my perspective is skewed.  I need to start thinking of dishwashing as play time and not work time.  ;-)

We’ve done this twice and the kids had so much fun each time.  We’ll definitely be doing it again!




5 Responses to Playing With Bubbles is More Fun Outside! (Trust Me)

  • What fun! Such happy faces:)

  • HAHA! Love this!!! There is something thrilling about having a huge pool of bubbles! :) Emma always has on the cutest little dresses! So sweet! I have to enjoy the little dresses from a far, as I have never had the enjoyment of getting to dress up a little girl!!! :)

    • Yeah, I have noted that it isn’t QUITE as satisfying dressing up little boys although I have had fun picking out some outfits for Isaac – I especially love him in overalls. :) Emma pretty much dresses herself nowadays so she is usually in mismatched clothing, haha. What she’s wearing is actually a flowy top and a totally different pattern of shorts underneath. I’ve always put her in fun dresses, and want to keep it up as long as I can because it won’t be long before she’s too old for the crazy fun patterns that we love on her. :)

  • Oh I am definitely a sucker for overalls! I have way to many pics of both my boys in overalls! ;). It seems like there is always a better selection for girls at the store though!!!

  • Looks like the kids had lots of fun. I really like the idea you came up with, using the kiddie pool and dishwash liquid.

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