Are you like me, wanting to buy your child every cool new toy you come across? Especially when you know it’s something that that helps them learn something new. You’re excited about their first steps and immediately you know you must find them a push toy (or, like me, let them push boxes around the house – lol). Then they start eyeing another child’s bike or toy car and you want them to have their own as well. Every new stage and learning experience is so much fun for you both!
Playskool has a couple great lines of toys – Busy Basics and Explore ‘N Grow. Emma has had the opportunity to play with the Playskool Busy Basics Step Start Walk ‘N Ride, thanks to the great folks at Playskool. Here are our thoughts on this toy…

PlaySkool Recommended Age: 9 – 36 months

Retail Price: $19.99

Purpose: Two extremely fun toys in one! It’s a convertible push toy and a ride-on toy.

Learning Opportunity: Encourages toddlers to walk by offering them something fun to push, and teaches them necessary motor skills when riding. Also features many little attached toys that make noise and can be turned, twisted, rolled, and pushed (see video review for my personal demo).

Video Review/Demo:

Please ignore the very end of this video, lol

A Mom’s Thoughts:

I like this toy – it’s most attractive feature is the fact that it’s convertible and two toys in one. I would recommend this especially for younger toddlers who are just learning to walk so they can easily enjoy it as a push toy, then later enjoy it as a ride-on toy. It’s nice that it’s lower to the ground than many ride-on toys I’ve come across – you won’t have to worry so much about little ones toppling over on it. The add-on toys (things that make noise when you spin them, twist them, etc) are very cool, too. I thought they were great choices and a lot of fun for a baby.

Watch the video review above and see how much my 18-month-old loves this push toy!

What I don’t like:

Okay, I have to mention this. Somehow I smashed my finger when I was converting it from push toy to ride-on toy and it hurt. My finger throbbed for a long time, and so I know it smashed pretty hard. I’m a klutz, but I would be very careful with little ones around when you’re converting it (and watch those fingers!). Before you let your toddler play with it, make sure that it snaps into place so that it can’t be moved by little fingers. It should be safe that way. Other than the finger-smashing incident, I have no other complaints and I do like this toy.


Emma and I both think this toy is a lot of fun, and we especially love the fact that it’s convertible. I would recommend it for babies and toddlers that are still unsteadily walking and need a little support, and can enjoy being pushed around while in the ride-on mode. I think they would get the most use out of it. So anywhere between 6 and 15 months, depending on the stage your child is in.

Buy it!

This toy retails for $19.99 and is available at most stores like Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us. I think that’s a pretty sweet deal for such a versatile toy.

Special Deal Alert!

You can get a $5.00 coupon off at the Playskool website!

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