I created a poll asking about what content you’d like to see more of here – you can find it in the right sidebar! I’d love it if you could give your two cents and even post a little comment here if you have time, letting me know what you like to read about and see here. :-)

And here are some pictures of Emma eating her first crackers… all by herself! Boy, is she proud. ;-)

That is one good cracker. :-)

Can you see that she’s savoring every taste?
This is what we call the two-handed hold on the cracker. ;-)

Some say that wearing your food as well as eating it enhances the experience…

Is it possible to eat a cracker and suck on your pacifier at the same time?

And while she’s gumming this delicious treat, she’s saying, “Num, num, num, num!”

And these pictures are of the beautiful winter wonderland we found outside this morning!

I cried, “Snow!” and bounded away to find my camera. Like I was in a hurry. Like it was going to melt any second! But I needn’t have worried… it’s still there… a couple of inches… still on our car… all over the place… and boy is it COLD!

Daddy and Emma, watching football and playing basketball on the Playstation. He’s teaching her to multi-task (although she’s obviously learning it on her own – who else can eat a cracker and suck on a pacifier a the same time?)

As to her pacifier being crooked…

She likes it that way. ;-)

And here she is in a video, eating her cracker, enjoying every minute!


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