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Breastfeeding, especially in the beginning when both you and baby are getting the hang of nursing, can be hard. It can be depressing. It can be painful. It can be frustrating. You can start feeling like you’re nothing but a milk cow. Harsh, I know – and I don’t want to compare myself to a cow in any way whatsoever (I typed and deleted that word at least ten times) but seriously, there’s no other word to describe what you feel like sometimes. Of course it’s a joy, too – but not so much in the beginning. While nursing, I went through so many disposable nursing pads, it was ridiculous! Not only are the disposables frequently uncomfortable, bulky, and inadequate, they’re white and b.o.r.i.n.g. Oh and did I mention expensive? I would have loved to have had some stylish and cheerful nursing pads like those at Posh Pads to give me a happy moment in the midst of the pain and frustration! And the fact that they’re made with the super soft, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial bamboo fabric? AWESOME!

Benefits of bamboo fabric:

♥ Bamboo fabric is soft, almost silky – most definitely luxurious!
♥ Keeps skin dryer than cotton – very absorbent.
♥ Breathable.
♥ Antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

All of these things make bamboo fabric perfect for nursing pads, don’t you think? Some of us are prone to infections and mastitis and I can’t think of a safer nursing pad to use.

Find out more about bamboo fabric here: What’s So Special About Bamboo?

I really really love the selection of bamboo nursing pad designs available – there’s a design for every woman and every mood:

From the Wild Side Collection

From the Wildflower Collection

From the Sophisticated Mama Collection

From the Pretty in Pink Collection

From the Mother Nature Collection

and my personal favorite:

Is that adorable or what?

About Posh Pads:
Posh Pads nursing pads are typically between 4.5 and 5 inches in diameter, a size that provides plenty of coverage and absorbency for most women. Posh Pads does, however, take requests for smaller or larger pads.

The Women Behind the Company:

We are mothers in the true sense. Between the two of us we have 11 very active, beautiful and extremely cool kiddos that keep us on our toes. Running from one activity to another….and in our down time….YES we do have down time, we share ideas and create! A dream and desire to be stylish while doing what most would view as anything but stylish, is what brought us together. And being that we’ve nursed a few times, we wanted to create a nursing pad that was fun, functional, fashionable and environmentally friendly.

We are mother’s by design and designers by trade. Our hopes and dreams are that Posh Pads will make every mother feel pretty while doing the best for their babies and the earth. Becoming a mother is the most important job we women will ever have and we should not only treat our babies to the best but pamper ourselves a little along this wonderous journey.

We hope POSH Pads brings a smile to your face and even a little humor to others. Even if you’re in your pj’s for most of the day, we hope POSH Pads can make you feel pretty!

At this time, I have not seen or tried Posh Pads for myself. There will be a review coming up in the future, though!


Thanks to Posh Pads, one lucky person will win a set of Posh Pads of their choice!

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