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While I’m bonding with my new little one, enjoy this roundup of posts by moms around the blogosphere.  If you have a post that would fit into this category you would like to share, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments!

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◘    Jess from My Silly Monkeys was dealing with colic in a bad way (poor baby!) and asked for help from her readers.  Read the great advice from her readers concerning helping colicky babies!

◘    I didn’t even know that babies could literally be “tongue-tied” until I read this post by Kim of Dirty Diaper Laundry!  She explains how to find out if your baby is tongue-tied (she discovered her little one was tongue-tied when breastfeeding was horribly painful for her) and what you can do about it!

◘    Heidi of Honeybear Lane has ten great tips for new moms bringing their baby home!

◘    Samantha of Mama Notes doesn’t claim to be an expert at knowing how to get your child to sleep through the night, but in this post she dispels a few myths and struggles about your baby and sleeping through the night.

◘    Have you ever been frustrated trying to soothe a fussy baby?  Melinda of Look What Mom Found (And Dad, Too!) has some wonderful tips and techniques to share on soothing your little one!

◘    This isn’t a mom blog, but there is so much great information in this article at The Baby Sleep Site that I had to include it.  Read about the benefits of swaddling, find out how to swaddle (with a video!), and when and how to stop swaddling!

◘    Heather of Rookie Moms has written a post I LOVE on traveling with your baby!  She has some helpful tips for traveling by plane, taking a road trip, and staying somewhere other than home with your child.


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  • What great posts! Brings back my own wonderful memories of bringing you girls home:) When we brought your sister home, you were two & a half and you became her little guardian, always there to help with the diapering, swaddling, etc. There was an extremely tight bond between the two of you right away.

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