I took this quiz that supposedly tells you whether your little one is ready for potty training over at iVillage Parenting (my mom sent the link to me).  The result?

Emma is close, but not quite ready.

Although I had made it one of my goals to start potty training this month, I’m kind of relieved, the main reason being that Emma’s interest in sitting on the potty is zilch.  Though once I brought a bag of chocolate chips out, she willingly sat on it and then held her hand out for the chocolate.  Once it was in her hand, she was up and OUTTA THERE.

As I was taking the quiz, I thought about the questions they were asking and realized before the end that Emma wasn’t ready.  No, she does not “tell me” when she has gone in her diaper, she doesn’t say “poo poo” or “pee pee” yet, she doesn’t have interest in sitting on the potty, and although she’s uncomfortable with a diaper full of urine she’s willing to live with it.

She’s close because she doesn’t like a poopy diaper and will cry and bring me a diaper when she goes and she even happily lies on the floor in front of me without my asking her.

The plan is to wait a few more months before re-introducing the potty.  During this time, though, I’ll be teaching her the potty training words (and signs) to prepare her.

I honestly didn’t know if I was ready for her to be potty trained yet anyway.  ;-)  She’s growing up way too fast.

Maybe she would feel differently if I got her one of these?

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4 Responses to I just took a potty-training quiz…

  • Ooh, good quiz! My son came out on the “not quite ready, give it 3-6 more months” range. My mother-in-law (with my blessing) is going to try to start potty training next week while I’m gone and she’s here for a few days, but I dont think it will work. He’s so not ready. Thanks for the quiz, it made me feel better about my own lack of trying to potty train him just yet.
    .-= Carrie´s last blog ..Winner: ID Me personalized kids’ labels! =-.

    • SO funny, that’s how I felt! Like it was me that wasn’t doing something right. It’s true that we have to watch for the signs and not expect them to be potty trained because of their age or because other kids their age are doing it.

      I’m glad you feel better. :-)

  • Oh the joys of potty training :) Just as important as if they are ready is if YOU are ready. It takes a lot of persistence and patience…… and carpet cleaner. I taught Joshua the signs awhile ago and he is absolutely ready, but I feel like I just got done potty training Michael (although it was almost a year ago) and I’m reluctant to go through it again just yet. But I will be starting this month…. I think.
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Do Something You Love And Make A Difference In 2010 =-.

  • Wait it out, just talk to her about what she’s doing. “oh you pooped” “oh you had a pee, did i tfeel like a tickle?” this will get the language part of it going, and then revisit. I pushed too hard with my oldest. Pullups were useless.
    .-= kyooty´s last blog ..Friday Fill-ins, back to routine? =-.

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